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I am not dating him: Riya Sen

Hot Beauty Riya Sen and Indian Cricketer Sreesanth were spotted together for the first time while doing a commercial for a jewellery brand. The couple have stayed in touch with each other since then. Riya, who supposed to cheer for her home team 'Kolkata Knight Riders', has been appeared supporting Kochi Tuskers Kerala (KTK) IPL 4, 2011. Riya Sen was always spotted cheering Kochi team in IPL and also attended late night parties with Sreesanth.

"Riya and Sreesanth seem quite friendly. Riya was at the stadium to cheer him. She would watch the match and was seen silently breaking into a prayer almost every time Sreesanth came to bowl," said a source.

All these developments have given strength to the speculations that, the couple were dating each other and will enter wedlock in the near future.

However, Riya ruled out the alleged affair between her and Sreesanth.

Today, Riya tweeted "Guys please! I am not dating shreesanth! I just attended 3 matches for kochi and that&#…

Femina Miss India - South 2011

RK Open Heart with Vundavalli Arun Kumar

Critics football with Macho Man

Macho man hero Rana became food for film critics with his much awaited 'Dum Maaro Dum'. With his expression less acting, though Rana managed to score marks in his debut flick 'Leader', he is tumbling now.

The Bollywood media went on criticizing that six feet height and six-pack body are not the only deliverables from a hero. With his blank face, Rana took no time to prove that he is poor in acting in his debut Hindi flick. The big shot producer's son is unable to alter his emotion depending on the content of scene and continued same kind of acting in every scene most of the time. Film observers from Telugu Industry are saying that Rana's poor knowledge in Hindi might have made him miss the essence of scenes. Provide with the status Rana has, his Hindi skills cannot be doubted. However, conclusions can be drawn only after Rana's upcoming flick 'Nenu Naa Rakshasi' hits the screens.

Sexy Sisters desire for Mahesh Babu

All beautiful young babes in film industry will have a common dream to share. And that is to romance Mahesh Babu at least once in their career time. Sexy sisters Kajal Agarwal and Nisha Agarwal are big Fans of charming Prince burning with desire to bag an offer besides him. 

Although Kajal is in peak form acting with star heroes delivering super hits yet Mahesh Babu isn't showing any interest on the cute girl.  Even her sister Nisha wants to act with dream boy Mahesh Babu. Being so simple and handsome are special advantages of Mahesh to attract sweet babes who die to find a place besides him. Nisha confidently speaks that her new film 'Solo' will give her recognition that would also bring a chance besides Mahesh.

Nisha seems to have developed a clear opinion on skin show learning from her sister. "Exposing just for the sake of glamour never works. Skin show based on requirements of the story will bear positive results," feels Nisha.

Ileana Admits Rana's Love

Generally heroines condemn any love gossips between them and heroes. They say 'we are just friends', but move very closely and cozily with each other. But Ileana seems to be an exception from that lot.

She said earlier that Shakti would be a super flop, without any hesitation. The result is seen. Now she is saying that Rana has a special connection with her and her mother and hence helping them a lot.

She said that Rana supporting her family a lot by investing in boutique business that she started recently. Ileana thus confirmed the financial aid talk that is in spread all these days. She concluded stating that she is indebted to Rana for ever.