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Mogali Rekulu Episode 827 (Apr 22)

Episode 827 : Click Here Episode 827 : Click Here  (HQ)
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Father Ruined Sexy Heroines' Career!!

They were meant to be one of the most sought after starlets when they made their debut. While one tasted the top league success by pairing up with the likes of Venkatesh, Chiranjeevi, the other had a grand debut by pairing up with Allu Arjun under the direction of the senior K Raghavendra Rao.

Yes, we are talking about the duo of Aarti Agarwal and Aditi Agarwal. However, the scene is completely the opposite and both of them are packing up their bags. With this, the cine folks are sympathizing with Aarti and Aditi. While Aarti had a dream run for a while, Aditi’s career never took off.

While all this is one side, there are many in the filmnagar who say that the real cause for the ruining of their careers is their father. Apparently, sources say their dad was quite interfering in the movies they acted and this has resulted in wrong moves, bad decisions. Eventually, it has led to the current situation of the Agarwal sisters packing their bags, say cine folks. Sad but true…

Devatha Episode 597 (Apr 22)

Kajal To Replace Sexy Shriya

Few years back, when Shriya Saran entered the Telugu film industry, she stole hearts with her innocent eyes and expressions that made men her big fans. But slowly she started transiting into glamour and in no time, she became voluptuous and sexy. Today, Shriya is the hot property for glamour roles, spicy item songs in big movies and pin-up girl in boys hostels.

Now, it appears that history is repeating itself in the form of a different actress. She is none other than Kajal Agarwal. One can recall her innocence in movies like ‘Lakshmi Kalyanam’ ‘Chandamama’ etc but now, the cine folks say she is replacing Shriya in sex appeal and oomph factor. Given the demand from heroes, producers and directors, Kajal is undoubtedly the number 1 today.

Though Shriya is still in the race, given her over enthusiasm to expose than rely on her natural beauty, the cine folks say she has lost out on some golden opportunities. They are now advising that Kajal also has the right mix of beauty and sex appeal so…

Bathuku Jatka Bandi (Apr 20)

Star Cricketer caught with his fiancee!

Bachelors in world cup winning Indian cricket team are eager to find their life partners. Star cricketer Harbhajan Singh is caught spinning the fortunes with his long time girlfriend Geeta Basra again. Both of them are spotted visiting a famous astrologer which is considered as a first step towards wedding indeed.

They are seen meeting a Pandit on Monday afternoon. Reports say that Bhajji and Basra arrived separately in their own cars but went on to meet Pandit jointly. One hour later both left to an undisclosed location in Bhajji's car. Contacting Pandit for figuring a muhurat means marriage is back on their minds waiting to make relation an official one. In fact during this peak time of IPL season Harbhajan took out time as he wanted to finalize a good date matching their horoscopes.

Geeta made it her habit to attend all the family occasions of Harbhajan yet they denied becoming a couple. "I am not getting married. I went there on my personal work," said Geeta Basra. Whe…

Can 'Teen Maar' overtake 'Puli'???

The heading might put you into confusion that why we are comparing disastrous 'Puli' with superhit 'Teen Maar'. Here are the reasons why we are doing so!

'Teen Maar' is the only film of Powerstar Pawan Kalyan to generate such a positive talk after 'Kushi', in his entire career. Even the previous hit 'Jalsa' struggled with negative talk in the start before it ended up as a smashing hit. However, despite of these super-positive talks, the films collections at BO are dropping slowly. In areas like Ceded and Krishna, the film has not even grossed more than Puli’s collections. Fans are unable to digest this fact and the reasons behind this lesser collections of 'Teen Maar' are multiple. One among them is that the film is liked very much by the intellectual groups of audience, while it has no receivers at B and C centres. Now, tensions prevailed in fans and makers, could 'Teen Maar' overtake the collections of 'Jalsa' or at leas…

Aparanji Episode 210 (Apr 22)

Mogali Rekulu Episode 827 (Apr 22) High Quality

No.23 Mahalakshmi Nivasam Episode 82 (Apr 22)

Mogali Rekulu Episode 827 (Apr 22)

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Rakthasambandham Episode 365 (Apr 22)

Chinna Kodalu Episode 170 (Apr 22)

Sundarakanda Episode 364 (Apr 22)

Savitri Episode 5 (Apr 22)

Mavichiguru Episode 64 (Apr 22)

Shobha Rani mulls to give a 'Deadly jolt' to Chiru

Cinevedika Tags:shobha rani, PRP, Congress, Chiranjeevi

Salman Khan's influence on 'Stylish Star'

Irrespective of the status of his films at the Box Office, bollywood hunk Salman Khan follows his own ways always. This macho-man is influencing our 'Stylish Star' a lot when it comes to that 'hobby'.

You might have understood by now, about what we are saying. Salman is specialist in removing his shirt on-screen to show case his overgrown gym body. Same thing has become a hobby for our happening hero Allu Arjun. With a perfectly chiseled and toned body, Arjun made girls gaga over his physique in 'Desamuduru'. Though his 'Varudu' is rejected, posters of body displaying acts from that movie adore most of the girls bedroom walls in Telugu circuit. To entertain such fanatics, Allu Arjun has decided to shed his top wardrobe again. The teaser pictures of 'Badrinath' have smitten many girls by now and most men are feeling green with envy.

'Orange' shades worry 'Mr.Perfect'???

Ram Charan's 'Orange' is one of the best example for upcoming and wannabe directors regarding 'what not to make' with characterization of central roles. Rama Charan's confused lover look in the movie confused audience a lot before confusing the makers with shattered collections. Same kind of fever is now worrying Prabhas upcoming flick 'Mr.Perfect'.

Insiders revealed that Prabhas's characterization in his upcoming flick 'Mr.Perfect' is close with Ram Charan's traits in 'Orange'. As per insiders, 'Mr.Perfect' is all about a confused guy who realizes the value of love and gives up everything in his life to win her lady love. However, the narration was a bit dull at some parts of the movie and the tone of flick looks more like 'Orange'. This seemed to be worrying producer of the movie Dil Raju a lot. All those fingers were crossed now and today the fate of the movie will be decided.

Chinnari Pelli Kuthuru (Apr 22)

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Kalyana Tilakam Episode 326 (Apr 22)

Chittemma Episode 373 (Apr 22)

Amrutham - Ashadam lo Shade Marindi (Apr 22)

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Title song: SiriVennela Seetharama Sastry
Story :- Ganga Raju…