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Bathuku Jatka Bandi (Apr 19)

Prematho Mee Lakshmi - Jr.NTR - Episode 11 (Apr 21)

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Prematho Mee Lakshmi
The ‘Lakshmi Talk Show’ returns in a fresh-new look as ‘Prematho Mee Lakshmi’, on [date] this time on ETV. In the first season, the show had earned the highest TRP ratings ever for a Telugu program across all channels.
As a genre-changer in the entertainment industry, the first season was engaging, heartening & fun! While I met celebrities from all facets of life, they were showcased from a refreshing perspective – serious & light-hearted, delightful, endearing & heart-warming at the same time. The whole show is about celebrities saying & doing things viewers won’t experience anywhere else! I ask questions that no one has ever asked them before. They laughed, got embarrassed, got serious, revealed themselves, had fun and sometimes there were even tears.
And before we knew it, the show became a runaway hit! That is when we as the makers realized that this one-hour program became more than just a talk show. It became a mission –…

Mega Star forcing Srija and Pawan Kalyan

Keeping the chaste political interests of Chiranjeevi before his joining in Congress Party, he does not want any internal disturbances to occur in his family. Perhaps media is opening the blanket to reveal secrets behind disturbed marital life of Srija and reasons for being Pawan Kalyan staying miles away from his big brother. As technical formalities of Praja Rajyam merging into Congress are not completed, there is always a danger of entire business to backfire if family wars become public.

Internal news making rounds in industry is that Chiranjeevi is forcing Srija to stay away from media hiding in Chennai. On the other side Pawan Kalyan is also requested not to further discuss the family matters related to Allu Aravind openly before the political vaccum in Praja Rajyam is completely filled. Although everything looks normal and simple from outside but Konidela family is going through hardships that might come to an end in next few months. Let us see how many does Chiranjeevi can coer…

Secrets behing Bhanu Missing

Super Singer 6 - Super Finals -2 (Apr 21)

Mogali Rekulu Episode 826 (Apr 21) - High Quality

Puttaparthilo Em Jaruguthondi

Mogali Rekulu Episode 826 (Apr 21)

No.23 Mahalakshmi Nivasam Episode 81 (Apr 21)

Rakthasambandham Episode 364 (Apr 21)

Superstar caught doing shameful thing

Kolkata Knight Riders owner Shahrukh Khan was caught smoking  during the Kolkata Knight Riders vs Kochi Tuskers Kerala match at Eden Garden in Kolkata on Wednesday.

In the past, there were a lot of incidents where Shahrukh Khan was seen smoking cigarettes after cigarettes.

On quitting smoking, Shahrukh said "I am trying my best . But it's difficult. I am trying to reduce it. I have reduced it a lot .. it is a weakness and it would take while to succeed in kicking the habit."

Shahrukh Khan declared that smoking is a "shameful thing" and he has lost his father to cancer and his mom to a related disease. But Shahrukh still continues to smoke. Finally, its his personal life and the King Khan should atleast try not to influence the youth into this habit by avoiding smoking publicly

Mahesh Babu Dookudu first look: Exclusive

Sundarakanda Episode 363 (Apr 21)

Kotha Bangaram Episode 318 (Apr 21)

Chinna Kodalu Episode 169 (Apr 21)

Vaishali Movie Trailer - Sindhu Menon, Saranya Mohan, Aadhi

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Hot N Spicy - Show of Isha Koppikar

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Gorintaku Episode 342 (Apr 21)

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25 MLAs are ready to resign for Jagan

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No chance for alliance with BJP: Jagan

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Pulivendula By-polls: YS Viveka Vs YS Vijayalakshmi

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Savitri Episode 4 (Apr 21)

Mavichiguru Episode 63 (Apr 21)

Kalyana Tilakam Episode 325 (Apr 21)

Allu Camp Says 'Hats Off To Jr NTR'

The wise men say sometimes, opposition person does something good even that must be also appreciated. Cine rivalries and family competitions are normal in the film industry but there are times when there is true acknowledgement of the rival’s gestures. Something like that has happened now and the families we are talking about are the Nandamuri camp and the Allu camp. It is heard that a discussion happened in Geetha arts office yesterday and it was revealed how the Allu family is currently praising Junior NTR after seeing his wedding invite. They reportedly said “Our hearts feel heavy looking at the wedding card, this is really great not just in look but more due to its content. The inclusion of photos of ancestors goes to show the tradition and respect of NTR.” That way, NTR Junior became great and by appreciating him even the Allu family also became great. It is heard that Allu Sirish, Allu Arjun are feeling nice after looking at the invite.

Trivikram Insulted Brahmins?

Lately, it appears that the Brahmin community is becoming the target for politicians and cine folks. On one side, KCR insulted Brahmins with his loose talk and while the heat is settling down, here is another one, in the form of a satire in the film ‘Teen Maar’. Incidentally, the lines were penned by Trivikram Srinivas who is a Brahmin himself.

One of the Ali’s dialogues on the lead pair goes “Idhi Pappu Adhi Sambar” and it is heard that Brahmins are getting irritated on this. Sources say many are calling Trivikram on this and asking him why he is insulting his own community and people. However, Trivikram has reportedly given his view on that.

A friend of Trivikram revealed the writer/director’s words “Why are you doing this controversy? Every Telugu person eats Pappu, Tamils eat Sambar. It was not my intention at all to insult any community in particular. I don’t know why only Brahmins are branded with ‘dal’. Don’t the other communities eat? In ‘Teenmaar’, the girl is Telugu, the boy’s …

Bellamkonda appoints 'Secret Agents'

Noted Celebrities are completely the opposite of what we love in them. Though they appear quite calm and decent in front of media and public, most of these guys have a darker side. One such person is bada producer Bellamkonda Suresh.

After the news of Bellamkonda's 'chethi vaatam' with his drivers reached like a perfume in Film Nagar, it took no time for media to come up with special stories on that. However, Bellamkonda is very serious about the leakage of that news and has appointed few 'secret agents' to know who exactly disclosed that to media. Apparently, some hardcore technicians of Bellamkonda's team like catering agents and accounts assistants are haunting film journos to find out that 'black sheep' from Bellamkonda's camp. Although, Bellamkonda’s ‘khaandaan’ is afraid of getting caught, there is no need for one of them to become a ‘black sheep’, as media is more powerful in extracting such 'darker' acts of white collared businessmen.

RGV leaks Dum Maaro Dum suspense element

Pre-release talk for every movie is quite common in film industry. In few cases if inner sources related to movie pump a feedback conspicuously into market for promotion, some cases external sources through flings to pull down the final result. What is Ram Gopal Varma's exact purpose is unknown but he has been sending continual SMSes to Bollywood friends circles revealing the reviews of 'Dum Maaro Dum' including the climax suspense while movie is exactly scheduled for a release tomorrow.

RGV has been observed to have texting the reports of 'Dum Maaro Dum' to each and everyone in his phonebook. He even passed remarks on Abhishek's performance which is more or less considered as negative. Obviously this would give away suspense element in the film. Many are shocked as how can a director like RGV accord to such cheap techniques on a closely guarded film. A source on anonymity declares that Ramu is doing this only for grabbing the attention playing spoil sport with …

Veena Malik's sexy photo shoot

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Chittemma Episode 372 (Apr 21)