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Sexy Villian Lady's F-Word torture!

Melodramas are pretty natural in Telugu Industry, especially between directors and heroines. We are not talking about the on-screen dramatics, we mean the off-screen hysterics between them.

Just two films old sexy starlet, Lakshmi Manchu became the talk of the town for her striking figure, stunning tone and villainous performance. Currently this American accented lady is busy working on a production venture with her brother Manoj in the lead. On the other hand she is getting a women-centric story developed in which she will play the lead. For that woman-centric subject, LP has chosen a debutant director and is said to be torturing him with her tastes. More than everything, LP scolds him badly with her F*** words if he makes a dumb scene. Like the way we drink water, LP uses English 'boothu puraanam' to maintain her domination, say sources. Macho man may like such women who speak bad-words, but directors may not be!

Devatha Episode 590 (Apr 13)

TDP now turns 'Kukkalu Chimpina Vistari'

Suri murder was a Political drama : Pothula Suresh

Aliens are Real : FBI releases Proofs

Mogali Rekulu Episode 820 (Apr 13)

Kotha Bangaram Episode 312 (Apr 13)

Chinna Kodalu Episode 163 (Apr 13)

Sundarakanda Episode 357 (Apr 13)

Aradhana Episode 299 (Apr 13)

Mavichiguru Episode 57 (Apr 13)

Kalyana Tilakam Episode 319 (Apr 13)

'Hot' heroine enjoying 'Gay' compliments

Hollywood big wigs are ready to bow their heads for the sex appeal in Malayalam breed Vidya Balan, who is flying sky high in Bollywood. Few days ago she was seen getting happily sandwiched from back and front in the hands of Bollywood Superstar Shahrukh Khan and Hollywood actor Hugh Jackman.

A new report that came into limelight late is that of Vidya's growing following even in gay communities. When the sultry actress was in Melbourne last month for a film festival, she visited many Gay clubs secretly with her friends. In one of these clubs, Vidya got a compliment from a gay saying, "I am a gay. But you are really hot? By any chance, are you Kim Kardashian?" Vidya Balan was mistaken by an Australian gay to be sex-bombshell Kim Kardashian.Vidya says, "I didn't know what to say, so I just smiled."

However, Vidya was flattered going into smiles proud with her sexy shapes. For sure the craze for this temptress is crossing National boundaries.

Twitter joke on Super Star stirs controversy

A joke on social networking platform from Indian Super Star Amitabh Bachchan targeted at South Super Star Rajinikanth is drawing flake. Big B wrote on his Twitter like this. "When Graham Bell discovered the telephone, he found two missed calls from Rajnikanth!! Brilliant". The intentions of Amitabh is unknown but die hard Fans of Rajini are severely hurt by this tongue in cheek joke from a man like Amitabh. This ridiculing from Senior Bachchan is disapproved by many and soon was his defensive reaction seen. "Not making fun of him...praising his status and his greatness ..he is noble successful humble person , and revered like a God," said Amitabh trying to negate the damage. Meanwhile, can anybody draw positive from Bachchan's joke? If so, then it is of very bad taste.

Minissha Lamba poses in bikini for Men's World: Excl

Chittemma Episode 366 (Apr 13)

Chiranjeevi Solved the issue in TDP

For the last few days there were internal conflicts in TDP. TDP chief Chandra Babu Naidu solved this issue by giving Chiru as an example. Jr. NTR & Harikrishna are just Crowd pullers similar to chiranjeevi they don't have organizing skills. Four Mega family heroes campaigned for PRP but they failed in elections. Chandra Babu Naidu gave a hint that he is ready to run the party without Hari Krishna and Jr.NTR. This made Harikrishna and Vallabaneni Vamsi Silent and the issue ended up with apologies.

Mallika Sherawat FHM Topless Photo Shoot: Excl Pics

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Amrutham - Aadamani Nannadagavalena (Apr 13)

Chinnari Pelli Kuthuru (Apr 13)

Ileana irritates another Producer now

Right from the release of Jr NTR's 'Shakti', hip beauty Ileana is making rounds in the bad books of Tollywood by not helping in film's publicity. After a statutory warning from the Producer’s council, the beauty is taking mega-phone to give a boost to the film's collections. Apparently, the fate of 'Shakti' is already sealed by the Telugu audience at the Box Office and the damage is already done to producer Ashwini Dutt. At this point, Ileana's 'dabba' about the content of the film and the on-screen chemistry between her and Jr NTR are turning big jokes. However, Ileana is doing all this publicity at the cost of her new movie's producer. As per reports, Nallamalapu Srinivas(Bujji), producer of Ileana and Rana's upcoming flick 'Nenu Naa Rakshasi' is irritated with this behavior of this curvaceous beauty. During the press meets of NNR, Ileana is talking about her previous flick, shocking both media and NNR team. Maybe, this Go…

NTR Fans Advance Booking For 'Teen Maar'

The time has come for expectations to rise and tension to build up in the film nagar area. The reason for that is the arrival of the new film ‘Teen Maar’. However, here is an interesting trend which is being observed and this is causing a surprise to many. It is heard that fans of Junior NTR are making advance bookings for ‘Teen Maar’. One of the fans said “Junior’s ‘Shakti’ was such a dud that it caused big disappointment to all of us. So, we are planning to watch ‘Teen Maar’ and enjoy it completely to recover from the shock of ‘Shakti’.” Few cine pundits reveal “There are fans for Pawan Kalyan in NTR’s camp as well. As such, he has a caste free approach and unknowingly, NTR fans follow Pawan as well. Usually, the Kapu fans will not even look at NTR but for Pawan there is no problem like that. Right now, they just want to come out of ‘Shakti’ shock and also to criticize ‘Teen Maar’ if anything is wrong in that.”

Morning News Headlines (Apr 13)

Abhimani - Allu Arjun 1 (April 12)

Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5
Abhimani - Kathi Lanti Game Show
conducted by Rajiv Kanakala. This Show gathers fans (who are called abhimani in telugu) from diffrent areas of Andhra Pradesh. They unndergo various levels of selection process and get finalised to a small group. This Show will conduct various tests about their Favorite Actor in front of them and the winner will get 50,000 Rupees which will be awarded by the Actor
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All Episodes of Abhimani - Kathi Lanti Game …

PrakashRaj's Its My Show - Nandini Reddy & Hemanth (April 12)

Watch Prakash Raj - Its My Show
Prakash Raj - Its My Show
conducted by Actor Prakash Raj. Two participants and Two guests. Two celebrities will be invited as Guests and Participants will choose one of the guest to tell the answer. Participant should decide whether the given answer is right or wrong. During this process one will be eliminated and other will continue with new participant. For the first time in the history of Telugu Television actor par excellence Prakash Raj in a brand new Avatar, that of a game show host... ITs MY SHOWThis program will be telecasted on Monday and Tuesday in MAA TV.
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