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Nuvvu Nenu - Naga Babu & Suhasini

TSR-Tv9 award celebrations -3

TSR-Tv9 award celebrations -2

TSR-Tv9 award celebrations -1

Manchu Vishnu Caught With Lux Papalu

While it is a challenge to be a celebrity kid, it has its own share of privileges. The classic example for that is Manchu Vishnu. Being the son of Mohan Babu may have put high expectations on him from the audience, and though he is nowhere near them he seems to be having a gala time thanks to his family background.

Apparently, a new project is underway and this will be a Mohan Babu production. For this, Manchu Vishnu is the hero and they have launched a Lux heroine hunt. The event is sponsored by Lux and the venue is Taj Krishna. As it is obvious, it is heard that they are spending huge money on this.

Sources reveal that daily Vishnu is spending time at Taj only and doing time pass with all the pretty girls who are dreaming to become his leading lady. While he is enjoying the company of the Lux Papalu, few cine folks say the pretty girls are doing their best to cooperate with him much to the jealousy of other heroes. Some are advising maybe it is time for Vishnu to focus on his own skil…

Sirish Bharadwaj Going For Hunger Strike

It is known that Srija deserted Sirish Bharadwaj after filing a dowry harassment case on him. Sirish tried for anticipatory bail but that was rejected. He is in tension as police may come at any time to arrest. Neither police nor government is interested to support Sirish against the wish of Chiranjeevi as he merged his party into Congress. Adding to that the 'mahila chattam' which is very strong at present will be an advantage for Chiru family.

Now Sirish Bharadwaj is planning to go ahead with a hunger strike at Hyderabad Press Club shortly. His demand is to show evidences that he harassed Srija really and arrest him.

It has to be underlined that Srija said that she has been sending emails to her parents about the harassments of Sirish from many months, but either she or her parents failed to get the print outs of those emails when asked by police.

Hot Beauty lauds Pawan's screen presence

Teen Maar's leading lady Trisha is quite excited about the films release. The actress is in all praise for her co-star Pawan Kalyan.

"It's a great and wonderful experience working with Pawan. He is a very professional actor. Pawan's screen presence is his plus point. When you see him onscreen it's amazing," said Trisha.

Director Jayant called Teen Maar as the best film in Pawan's career, which adds to the expections of the fans.

“I'm proud that I've directed Pawan's career best film. Trisha’s beauty and Kriti Kharbanda's acting will attract the audiences. Teen Maar has been crafted as a romantic action entertainer with ample commercial elements," said Jayant, director of the film.

Producer Ganesh Babu is confident about the films success and he is making sure that no stone is unturned to make Teen Maar a blockbuster.

"Teen Maar is the biggest budgeted film in Pawan's career. The positive buzz on the audio and teasers has further r…

What is Harikrishna up to?

Nandamuri Harikrishna was the catalyst in the August 1995 political coup that ultimately led to the dethronement of his father NTR. His maverick and rebellion ways had then helped his brother-in-law N Chandrababu Naidu to lead the revolt and take over the reins of the party and the government. Over 16 years and several twists and turns later, there appears to be a repeat of the family drama, though with the reversal of roles. It is now Naidu’s turn to face what appears to be a brewing revolt from NTR’s family. Is the nemesis catching up with Naidu? Several questions are being raised over the motive behind Harikrishna’s curiously-worded open letter on Saturday, expressing his resolve to launch an anti-corruption movement inspired by NTR’s ideals. Is he acting on his own or being prompted by the members of NTR family? Is it the first salvo fired over Harikrishna’s shoulders targeting Naidu? Does this herald a new succession battle between Nara’s family and Nandamuri’s family? By seekin…

Sex Scandal Lady With Sai Kumar

Sex and scandals go hand in hand when it comes to few actresses of the film industry. However, at the end of the day what matters is how they receive it and keep moving forward. All this discussion came due to the game show which is currently on in a very noted private TV channel.

The show is ‘Wow’ and this is aired in the ETV channel and hosted by Sai Kumar. Now, one of the special guests in a recent episode was Seetha. She was joined by the other veterans like Sumalatha, Jayasudha, Manjula. What caught the attention of many viewers was the way Seetha participated casually.

Apparently, she shot to headlines after her name popped up in the prostitution ring recently when Bhuwaneshwari’s issue was broken. But then, Seetha is cool and doing well without any hiccups. Moreover, craze also developed with this news for her and she became a celebrity of sorts though it was with few dark shades. Strange but true…

Jayasudha 'caught' imitating NTR

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EC tightens screws on Kadapa By-poll expenses

Teen Maar to cross Khaleja

Apparently 'Khaleja' is agreed to be a below average film in Andhra but range of collections it made in overseas market is shocking to hear. Mahesh Babu came out clear winner and distributors everywhere in overseas market managed to get good profits. Undeniably that was star power of Prince to grab huge collections creating new records for a flop movie.

Standing on equal pedestal with Mahesh Babu is Pawan Kalyan. Nevertheless his last movie 'Puli' was a spoilt venture, craze for his films in undiminished. Record prices offered for 'Teen Maar' distribution rights and increasing demand for tickets of this flick in US is making the exhibitors happy. A close source in USA market say, this could be the profit making film in overseas after 'Khaleja' or may cross it.

Namrata 'torturing' Mahesh Babu!!!

After getting married to the person he loves like anything, Superstar Mahesh Babu's life has been changed a lot. Perhaps, his wife Namrata works round the clock like his personal secretary to control most of his routines. Right now, Mahesh seems to be going through one such torture of her.

As there is official announcement that Mahesh Babu is a part of Mani Ratnam's upcoming periodic film which deals with the story of Pallavas and Cholas. This on-screen adaptation of Kalki's epic novel 'Ponniyin Selvan', which is tentatively titled 'Veerudu' in Telugu, demands a shirt less performance from Mahesh throughout the movie. As per sources, Mahesh is now busy burying his calories to get that toned 6 pack body to look more like a warrior than like a lover boy. The in-charge of this whole process is said to be Namrata and she is the one to control the diet of our Superstar too. With this sweet-torture of Namrata, no doubt Mahesh is going to thrash those remaining…

Midnight Sex Is A Medicine For SW Engineers

Though there is money, glamour and respect in society for the software professionals, it must be said that they have their own set of problems to deal with. Some of those are rather private to be discussed. Notable in that is the problem of sex and here is a recent report revealed by a study on the IT folks.

It is heard that the software engineers get their brain jammed due to project deadlines and stress levels. As a result, they won’t get libido once they return home from work. But many sexologists are suggesting that if they can put an alarm at 2 am, they can have better sex and enjoy their bedroom lives satisfactorily.

Recently, another sexologist said in TV “Usually, early morning sex is the best time but then the software folks are unable to do because of thoughts like reaching office on time, traffic tension and other planning which block the mind. So, in a way, the midnight hours like 2 am- 3 am are the right time to make out.”

Jr.NTR fumes against Nara Lokesh

KCR sattires on Chandra Babu Naidu

Pothula Suresh gifts sleepless nights to Suri's Camp

Genes - Actress Maheswari & Sridevi (April 9)

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