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Nuvvu Nenu - Venky & Priya (Apr 09)

Nandamuri fans fumes at Dasari

This year seems to be unlucky for Nandamuri Family. Nandamuri fans were disappointed with a disaster "Parama Veera Chakra " created by legendary director Dr. Dasari Narayana Rao. After a huge hits "Simha", "Adurs", "Brindavanam" in 2010 Nandamuri fans were disappointed by Dasari disaster PVC and they are blaming Dasari for "Shakthi" movie flop as he is the one who clapped for "Shakthi" Movie Muhurtham. Fans are confused whether Dasari si doing against Mega family or in favor of Mega family. 

Ileana skips Producer's call

While there is an exclusive conclusion by audience on 'Shakti' passing the eligibility test to sit besides 'Parama Veera Chakra' in all time disasters list of Nandamuri heroes, here comes tall lass Ileana receiving the major blame from their film unit. Producer Ashwini Dutt, who appears to have not lost the hopes on the film is desperate to rejuvenate the interest of public by arranging a success tour in form of a promotional campaign.

As Jr NTR is busy with professional, personal commitments and other shining star cast of the film imported from Bollywood, Ashwini Dutt wants Ileana to take the supreme role in helping movie gain little momentum in positive talk. Unable to spend any more time on 'Shakti', the dusky Goa beauty is skipping from her producer. One has to see, how Ashwini Dutt takes care of this Ileana's behavior after that complaint in producer's council.

Mallu Beauty's serious walk out

With an enchanting performance in her debut flick 'Ala Modalaindi', Mallu babe Nithya Menon stole many hearts. Both with her acting skills and mesmerizing beauty, Nithya over powered upcoming heroines to enter the big league.

Apparently, concentration on a heroine increases more with an increasing popularity of her in the Tinsel town. Like wise, Nithya has become the talk of town now with her upcoming flick '180' with Siddharth and Nitin's under production movie 'Ishq'. On the sets of 'Ishq', a costume designer commented Nithya that her body is bloating day-by-day making them to take new measurements every week. While this looks like a satire to make Nithya walk of out the sets fuming, the statement is true. Few cine observers are saying that Nithya is putting a lot fatter these days, which makes looks her more plump as she is very short. A fan of her advised to take that costume designer's words seriously for controlling the growing weight aka f…

DLR Gets A Deal From High Command!

Why did the Medical and Health Minister D L Ravindra Reddy agree to contest Kadapa Lok Sabha seat, though it is widely believed that YSR Congress Party President Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy’s victory there is a foregone conclusion? The Congress high command was struggling to find a candidate ready to take on Jagan. It would have been a terrible loss of face for the party if it failed to field a candidate there. In such a crunch time, DLR came to the rescue of the party and agreed, though with lot of hesitation, to enter the fray. However, it came with a price!

The Delhi bosses personally assured him that he would be taken into the central cabinet if he managed to defeat Jagan and emerge as a giant killer. Even if he loses the election, he will be taken back into the state cabinet.

So, either way, he is assured of cabinet berth. Besides, the high command is believed to have assured him “other assistance” to take care of his interests and political future in Kadapa district. This is in addi…

Jagan heir to YSR properties but not CM's chair

Top Hero's Rs 3000 Cr Black Money under scanner!

A classified report from IT sleuths of Hyderabad says that a top Telugu hero has more than 3000 crores of Rupees black money. This big fish owns many film related businesses apart from his huge investments in real estate sector.

Like shown in a Telugu movie, this aged hero has innumerous bags of liquid cash stored safely in three bed room apartments of a famous venture near Hi-tech City. As per reports, IT guys have managed to grab the details of all his private properties in Hyderabad, Bangalore and Pune after trapping the hero’s personal driver. The hero needs to pay at least 500 crore rupees as a penalty, if trapped by the income tax guys with all evidences.

However, his influential background and political network never allows even a 'mosquito' to enter and search his house. If this is the case of one hero, then how much Black Money would have been there with rest of the white collared gentlemen in Telugu Industry guys!

Shahrukh Khan Imitates Our Allu Arjun

The aura and impact that Shahrukh Khan leaves wherever he goes needs no introduction. King Khan as he is fondly called has his unique style of body language and statements that catch the attention of many. However, even the Bollywood Badshah seemed to have taken an inspiration from the stylish star of Tollywood.

Well, we are talking about Allu Arjun. Apparently, Shahrukh was part of the inaugural event of the Indian Premiere League (IPL) and gave a rocking performance on stage. He was shaking his hips to the tunes of popular south Indian mass songs. One among them was the famous ‘Ringa ringa…’ from Allu Arjun’s ‘Arya 2’.

Those who watched the event stated that SRK imitated Allu Arjun in the dance steps and the icing on the cake was Shriya’s hip shaking and gyrating along with the Bollywood superstar. Well, it appears that Bunny has got his own impact even on King Khan looking at all this.

Succession War Hits TRS!

After Telugu Desam Party, it is now the turn of Telangana Rashtra Samithi to suffer the pangs of an internal succession battle among the members of the sub-regional party’s first family. The family war over who should take over the party’s reins is revolving around TRS founder president K Chandrasekhar Rao’s son K Taraka Rama Rao, nephew T Harish Rao and daughter K Kavitha. All the three claimants to the legacy are lobbying for the coveted position in their own way.

 Though the differences have not come out in public, the growing friction is being felt within the party and the family. Harish Rao, who had played a key role in building and expanding the party since its inception, is aware that he is being sidelined by the leadership. To counter the diminishing importance for him in the party, Harish has been aggressively reaching out to the cadre and improving his image with the party’s rank and file who can be moulded in his favour at the crunch time.

 Harish has been the popular f…

DL sensational comments on YS Vijayamma

Brahmanandam in NTR's Rudra getup

Sakthi Movie - A Huge Loss

RGV: Who is Anna Hazare?

Social activist Anna Hazare's "fast unto death" in his fight against corruption has stirred up support across the nation, but filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma is oblivious to it all, wondering who is Hazare. Unlike many from the film fraternity who have voiced support to the cause, Varma said he was too busy with his film work. "I have no idea who Anna Hazaare is as I don't keep track of anyone expect (sic) for film people and gangsters. I don't know what he is fasting for because I don't know what he or anybody else in the whole world is up to as I am too busy in my film work," Varma posted on his Twitter page Thursday. The multi-lingual filmmaker said he would never fast for anything or anyone except himself. However, he hoped the buzz on social networking sites due to Hazare's protest ultimately reaps benefit. "I will never ever fast for anything except for my own personal diet. Been hearing bout corruption since childhood..hope all the tw…

Dasari Enjoying 'Shakti' Disaster??

‘Shakti’s disaster should have upset Dasari the most because news is that he spent Rs 10 crores and bought the distribution for the ceded (Rayalaseema) areas. In a way, Dasari should feel bad about ‘Shakti’ than his own directorial venture ‘Parama Veera Chakra’ because with ‘PVC’ he lost only his pride and dignity but not money, producer Kalyan lost his money. Keeping aside the allegations that the money was not Kalyan’s and that of Bhanu, buzz is that it was due to Aswini Dutt’s overconfidence that Dasari lost tensions on ‘Shakti’. With a sure feeling that ‘Shakti’ will beat the records of ‘Magadheera’ and ‘Pokiri’ it is heard that Aswini Dutt has taken returnable advances from all. That’s why, whoever has bought the film along with Dasari are happy despite the film becoming utter flop. Whatever may be the situation of others, Dasari is reportedly enjoying the super flop of ‘Shakti’ since he is confident that he will easily squeeze atleast Rs 7- Rs 8 crores from the Rs 10 crores…

Allu Arjun Birthday Special

Satya Sai Pulls Off A Miracle?

Is Bhagwan Satya Sai Baba pulling off a miracle once again? His devotees believe so, going by the medical bulletins issued by the doctors on the remarkable improvement in his health condition. Doctors treating Sai Baba said on Friday that they were "optimistic" about his recovery. “Sai Baba is showing positive signs of response to the treatment being given to him,” said an update from doctor A N Safaya from the Sri Satya Sai Institute of Higher Medical Sciences at Puttaparthi. "His health condition is stable though he is still on a ventilator and slow dialysis. The panel of doctors treating him is optimistic about his recovery,” he said. Sai Baba is credited with many supernatural powers by his followers, including an ability to conjure objects out of thin air, remember past lives and cure terminal diseases. And his devotees believe that his powers would bring him back to normalcy. In the past, Baba escaped from the jaws of death twice: once in June 1993, when there wa…

Will 'Badrinath' Be Another 'Shakti'?

With the much hyped ‘Shakti’ turning out to be a colossal disaster, the summer opening has not been that pleasant. However, few Tollywood members are now pinning their hopes on the other magnum opus ‘Badrinath’. While it is natural to be positive about a film, what is the ground reality picture of the film?

‘Shakti’ came with big budget and had an even bigger doom. And considering the budget of ‘Badrinath’, some are asking will this also meet the same fate? A noted analyst said “On the bright side, the first look posters of the film show Allu Arjun aptly as a warrior with his six pack and muscles unlike Junior NTR who looked like he was taking part in a fancy dress competition.”

He added “On the flip side, there is talk that few scenes have been rehashed from the Bollywood film ‘Veer’. Also, it remains to be seen how much the Telugu audience will be convinced by the rather unrealistic concept of an Indian Samurai. Finally, director Vinayak has been claiming that this is not a period fil…

Nandamuri Vs Nara

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