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Ram Charan not making 6 pack!!

RGV eyes on another Actress

Adagaka Ichina Manasu Episode 60 (Apr 01)

Sundarakanda Episode 349 (Apr 01)

Devatha Episode 582 (Apr 01)

No.23 Mahalakshmi Nivasam Episode 67 (Apr 01)

Aparanji Episode 195 (Apr 01)

Mogali Rekulu Episode 812 (Apr 01)

Rakthasambandham Episode 350 (Apr 01)

Kotha Bangaram Episode 304 ( Apr 01)

Chinna Kodalu Episode 155 (Apr 01)

Jeevitha Supporting Sirish Bharadwaj

The age old saying goes “Enemy’s enemy is a friend” and this is something the film couple Rajasekhar- Jeevitha seem to be following when it comes to Chiranjeevi. Usually, they are always thinking “When we will get a chance to attack Chiranjeevi”. Now, sources reveal Jeevitha has found the answer in Sirish Bharadwaj.

Buzz is that the film couple has already started making moves to befriend Sirish. On the other hand, sources close to Chiru family reveal that Sirish became a ‘Bakra’ suddenly and all this is actually a match fixing done by Chiranjeevi who was successful in brainwashing Srija to file a case against Sirish.

It is heard that in the court, Srija mentioned that she was writing emails to her parents about Sirish’s torture. When the court asked for a printout of the emails, she went blank and after a while she replied that she has deleted the emails due to fear that Sirish would see them. Then, the court reportedly asked her to produce the printouts from her father …

Anti-Pawan Kalyan Scenes In 'Operation Dussasana'

Posani Krishnamurali is fondly called as ‘Mental Krishna’ by the Tollywood folks. The reason for that is his eccentric acts and statements in front of media and also through his movies. And now, Posani is arriving with his new movie ‘Operation Dussasana’ and inside sources reveal that he has targeted Pawan Kalyan in a big way.

It is known that Pawan Kalyan used to say a lot about the Cuban revolutionary leader Che Guevara quite often. It is heard that Posani has taken that as the lead and has come up with few scenes which would be ridiculing Pawan. Given the nasty way Posani criticizes few things, concerns are also raising among few circles if it could lead to a controversy.

An assistant director who worked with the film said “It looks like Pawan Kalyan must have had some issues with Posani during the PRP time. Now, Posani is taking revenge in his own way through ‘Operation Dussasana’. I feel things will get a little turbulent when the film will go to the censor board.”

Earthquake Threat to 'Vijayawada'

Left parties to join hands with YS Jagan

Jagan's 'YSR Congress Prachara Ratham' : First Look

Jr NTR's Friends all set to Join YS Jagan's Party

Samantha drinking Director's juices???

Common notion is to think that beautiful lead girls always fall flat for their heroes. But in many cases, sexy heroines always end up spending their ‘personal’ time often with directors, followed by producers. Sexy beauty Samantha shocked every one with her shined presence along with a budding director.

After directing his sensational second flick 'Brindavanam', Vamsi Paidipalli is riding high on cloud nine. Like an icing on the cake, one of the heroines of that flick, Samantha got close to him spending all her private time with him. On Wednesday, the couple attended a private party where the semi final match of India-Pakistan was screened on a large screen. Many times, Samantha shocked the onlookers for always changing her juice glass with Vamsi's. Though the friends in that group are saying that Samantha did that as a mistake due to confusion, no one seemed to believe that. Is that confusion or an infatuation for Vamsi's juice Samantha?

Charmi loves Aged Doctor's hand job!

A visit to this high profile doctor's clinic in posh Jubilee Hills area, says a lot about his hand-job on young girls. One of such girls, who got infatuated with his satisfying skills, is none other than shapely heroine Charmi.

Charmi is currently ringing bells in Tollywood with her sexy chiseled figure and luscious assets. The sexy babe is getting showered with spicy offers from producers. However, the reason behind her flattened tummy and deepened cleavage is this aged doctor, who is a specialist in advanced liposuction treatments. The doctor had a license of patented 'heat based fat reduction' therapy, which can give superb results when used properly on fat accumulating tummies of sexy women. Our old-man's expert hands are dampening the enlarged bellies of rich aunties and sexy heroines for that hour-glass look. Insiders revealed that Charmi used to have 3-4 sessions every month to spring back to her sculpture looking figure and is continuing the proces…

Jr.Arundhati's passionate 1st Kiss

Divya Nageswari, the 'Arundhathi' fame child artist turned young heroine is creating ripples in Telugu Industry for her commitment towards profession. This dusky Telugu speaking Tamil girl is currently debuting as a heroine in the flick ‘Nenu, Nanna, Abaddam’, directed by Govind Varaha.

Jr.Arundhati shocked everyone on the set with her passionate first kissing scene of her career. Though the director wanted for a 30 second kissing on the cheek of hero Nandu, the petite beauty was unable to take out her lips for 2 minutes. While the hero and other unit members are shocked, the director felt annoyed, as per reports. The young girl might have been blown away by the taste of that first kiss, due to which she cannot respond for a 'cut' call from the director. Whether it is a passionate kiss or a professional one, Divya's daringness is to be admired as she has done all this in front of her dad, who accompanies her to shootings.

Siddharth's extras irking Budding Directors

Flop shows have become part of this young man's career now with his over enthusiastic fingering into unnecessary things. Romantic hero Siddharth is well known for his unusual head poking into script related work, irking directors.

Despite of a series of flops at the Box Office, Sid seems to be continuing his arrogant nature with young story-tellers. A budding director revealed that he has been narrating a script to Siddharth from the past six months and the actor is literally torturing him with his 'over creative' ideas rather than finalizing the story. This young director is said to be having a producer who is holding dates of Siddharth to make a movie. Though the director can approach any other hero with same script, he is facing heat from that producer regarding these wasted efforts. Without learning anything from his past mistakes, Sid is simply playing hide and seek with the lives of budding directors is clear by now.

Rani Mukherji on Filmfare Magazine cover : Exclusive

Rani Mukherji - Filmfare Magazine (April 2011): Rani Mukerji features on the cover of Filmfare Magazine for the month of April 2011.

Aradhana Episode 292 (Apr 01)

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