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Jr NTR directing on Shakti records

Producer Ashwini Dutt addressed the media on Shakti's budget and possibility of creating new records in Tollywood. The records are straight set on the target of 'Magadheera'. Along with number of 100 days centers, 50 days centers, opening collections and total revenue; everything related to Shakti is meant to rewrite 'Magadheera' pushing it to second position. No wonders because NTR has that strong hold on records. And internal talk is that Jr NTR is directing Ashwini Dutt and Meher Ramesh in compiling final list of theatres, number of prints to be dispatched to overseas and other record oriented matters. Perhaps the confidence shown by Jr NTR on 'Shakti' might make this either a safe project or a new magnum opus for Telugu audience.

LP questioned Mohan Babu!

Close and social moving of Manchu Manoj and Lakshmi Prasanna made many in film industry to doubt on Manchu Vishnu and his relations with other family members. Now the new grapevine based on present happenings in Manchu family says, Lakshmi Prasanna questioned Mohan Babu on why to spend high amounts of money on the films of Vishnu rather than trying it safely on Manoj. Almost all the films of Manchu Vishnu including 'Vastadu Naa Raju' are either produced by Mohan Babu on 'Lakshmi Prasanna Pictures' or on '24 Frames Factory', both being their own family banners. It is true that not a single film made profit business but declined the prestige of respective banners. Looking at Manoj's feelings, Lakshmi wants Mohan Babu to support him by giving a chance. Although Manoj is also struggling to prove himself but he is thousand times better than Vishnu, is the talk in industry circles.

Music Director running away from fans

Melody Brahma Mani Sharma is the successful music composer in contemporary times. He became care of address for top stars in South film circuit. Delivering great melodies, mass tracks and remixes is a cake walk for Mani. From last few years the below standard music offered to many heroes humiliated the fans living him on the extreme border limit of total collapse. Particularly audio of 'Shakti' and 'Teen Maar' badly disappointed audience. This kind of music was never anticipated from a classic composer of his stature. The cine folks say that competition from Thaman, Devi Sri Prasad, Keeravani and other new names is creating pressure on Mani to deliver the best. This burden in turn resulted in low quality compositions. Apparently he is now trying to escape from Power Star and Young Tiger fans.

Home Department warns Jagapathi Babu!

Keeping his hit and flop aside, Jagapathi is one such actor who is never tired of his journey in Film Industry. While giving continuous entertainment to the audience, Jagapathi seems to be depending on few 'x' rated elements. For the same reason, 'Home Department' has given a statuary warning to him.

Jagapathi Babu's latest flick 'Chattam' has him killing the dreaded terrorist Kasab. It is not for this reason, Home Department has given him a warning. The department comprised of his wife and darling daughters has warned him about the consequences they are facing due to Jagapathi's romance with sexy heroines. Right from his 'Pellaina Kothalo', Jagapathi’s romance with heroines like Priyamani, Mamta Mohandas and Vimala Raman has crossed boundaries many times with sensuous kisses to sexy body touching. Though the audiences are enjoying this, his wife and grown up daughters will surely face some problems in the society. Wait and see if Ja…

Anchor Suma's Hot 'Speeches' in demand

While the old bandwagon of anchors like Udaya Bhanu, Jhansi and Shilpa Chakravarthy are nearing extinction with some limited shows, their companion is rocking. Being an yesteryear anchor, Suma never let the craze for her go down before creating huge demand for her 'S'.

The recent audio release functions of Pawan Kalyan's 'Teen Maar' and Jr NTR's 'Shakti' have witnessed the oratory skills of this aged anchor a lot. The demand for her 'speeches' has increased very high as she modulates her flattery language at ease, depending on the hero she is speaking about. The kind of poetic words she used to represent Jr NTR and the sort of simple yet wonderful dialogues she spoke for Pawan Kalyan are highly appreciated. It is heard that Suma is being roped in for the audio release function of Naga Chaitanya's '100% Love' and Rana's 'Nenu Naa Rakshasi' too. However, keeping the demand for her 'speeches' in view, she…

Nag's Rs 40 crore gift to Anushka!

Income Tax Raids on Anushka's house in Jubilee Hills residence have necessarily scrutinized the legal documents pertaining to crores of worth real estate properties. As results of this raid are not out in media but there are enough gossips prevailing in film circles, which are pleasing to hear but worrisome to know how Anushka managed to buy these highly valued properties.

IT officials are known to have questioned Anushka to give them a clear justification on how she was able to buy a mansion in Hyderabad and acres of land in Visakhapatnam which totally worth nearly Rs 40 crores. Now, Sweety has to come out with a clean Income chit to save all these. Nevertheless the wild rumor is that Nagarjuna and Anushka are joint owners of these and are assumed to be in the form of gift from handsome Nag to voluptuous Anushka.

Sexy Heroine's classic desire

The bold and beautiful Kangana Ranaut got a befitting role in 'Tanu Weds Manu', which brought her biggest success till date. Apparently the curly hair girl looks hot and revealing off screen, but hailing from scenic beauty of Himachal Pradesh's small town of Kulu Manali, she has a royal taste. As the initial success is achieved by Kangana, she is now dreaming to fulfill her classic desires.

Kangna Ranaut now wants to reprise the exemplar role of Anarkali in 'Mughal-E-Azam'.

"It is my dream. Till I have done a classic like 'Mughal-E-Azam', I don't think my collection of films will not be complete. These kinds of characters never go decayed. I want people to watch me again and again. I would love to do characters which have a long life and tremendously enjoyed by audience," says the moon-eyed girl revealing her classic strategies.

Beer with kicking Cricket World Cup

Cricket is the common religion of Indians. We might have any disparities in opinions and living standards but everyone gets united for one cause of Cricket. With World Cup 2011 bringing the arch rivals India and Pakistan face to face in semis, cricket fever is back at its peak. Cricket fans in nook and corner of India show passion for their loved teams but worrisome point is youth are drinking alcoholic beverages excessively during these matches.

Youth in metros and cities in between 16 and 20 years of age raised their drinking potential by 100% from two beers to four beers during day night matches, says a survey by commerce chamber, while those between 21 to 25 years increased their capacity to seven beers and the sales of whisky, vodka, rum and wine raised by 25%.

In Hyderabad, we are to witness a special screening of India Vs Pakistan match on 30th at GMC Balayogi Stadium with a crowd of 30,000 and interestingly we are served with liquor even here too. So beer and crick…

Son's affairs worries Top Producer

Regarded as the top and skillful producer of Telugu Cinema Industry, Suresh Babu is catching his head these days for those sprawling headaches. If Rana's entry into the film industry as a continuation hero of Daggubati Family, made him happier, then there is this other side too.

According to grapevine, young hero Rana is always linked up with beautiful girls from the tinsel towns. Whether they maybe gossips or real truths, Suresh Babu is worried now for his son's future due to this woman weakness. Earlier, Rana was linked up with ravishing siren Shriya and the duo was caught public many times by big-wigs of industry. After the entry of voluptuous beauty Richa Gangopadhyay into his life through 'Leader', rumour mongers linked her with this macho hero. Latest entrant on his cat-list is Bollywood seductress Bipasha Basu.

All these developments were giving sleepless nights to Suresh Babu and worrying him a lot.

Weak Hero's hot college lover is back

Weak hero is synonymous to Varun Sandesh in TFI. Though made his cool entry through 'Happy Days', but it is 'Kotha Bangaru Lokam' that gave him ground to stand as hero. From then on he never achieved success. The girl besides Varun in 'KBL' is Bong babe Swetha Basu Prasad looked sumptuous as our weak hero’s hot college lover.

After 'KBL', Varun played hero in several films and Swetha too played in some movies. Unluckily fate of both was quite the same unable to bag a hit so far. After a long gap, here is producer Uday Kiran roping in Varun Sandesh and Swetha Basu Prasad together for a film titled 'Priyudu' in the direction of Sravan. However, it is Amrita Rao's sister Preetika Rao playing the main heroine while Swetha is second fiddle in this movie. Let us see, how far this old pair succeeds.

Photo Feature: Japan's Road To Recovery

The Picture of gaping chasms in a Japanese road demonstrated the power of the March 11 earthquake. Now the astonishing speed of reconstruction highlights Japan’s ability to get back on its feet.Work began on March 17 and six days later, the cratered section of the Great Kanto Highway in Naka was as good as new and ready to re- open to traffic.

Rich Businessman's 'Kaapala' For Wife!!

Wise men say that a man’s desire to have a beautiful wife is understood but truth is, it is always a threat. Well, the sense of insecurity usually takes over and even one of the world’s richest Indian seems to be no exception to that. Yes, we are talking about the industrial tycoon Mukesh Ambani.Recently, Mukesh was seen along with his beautiful wife Neeta Ambani during the India- Australia world cup cricket match. After the fizz about Harbhajan Singh hugging Nita ferociously during the last year’s IPL season, it appears that Mukesh has become quite protective of his beautiful wife’s presence. This was the opinion which came from the crowds. They said “It looked like Mukesh was guarding Nita when we saw them in the box.” Some of them also said with a smile that Mukesh ensured Nita stayed as far as possible from the boundary line and that too in a strong glass covered box. So much for a beautiful wife folks…
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Did Bips cause Rana-Shriya split!

South siren Sriya Saran and Rana Daggubati have split. The decision to break their five-year-old relationship (they managed to keep it discreet for the first three years) came after Sriya learnt about his proximity to Bipasha Basu during the shooting of Dum Maro Dum, in which he debuts in Bollywood.

Sriya lost trust in her man after rumours of Rana-Bips first surfaced. Then came news of the Bips-John split and her worst fears were confirmed. An insider says, 'Though Sriya and Rana never made their relationship public, everyone knew about it. It was understood that they would end up together someday. However, Rana started getting close to Bipasha and that's when Sriya decided to end the relationship rather than wait around for him to outgrow his infatuation. Sriya and Rana are not even on talking terms anymore, even though she is still close to his family.'

However Bipasha denies reports of her growing closeness with Rana. Says Bipasha, 'It's preposterous! Surely a gi…

Genes - Singers Karunya & Hemachandra (March 26)

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Is Srija going for Second Marriage?

Tollywood Mega star Chiranjeevi’s younger daughter Srija was filed a case on her husband Sirish Bhardwaj, accusing him of harassing her for dowry and physically torturing her from past one year. Now she is living with her parents.

Srija eloped from her house and gave a shock to her parents by marrying Sirish Bharadwaj in 2007. Later the couple had also approached to the court for seeking the protection from Chiranjeevi family. Srija and Shirish have a daughter Nivruthi aged two and a half years.

Now the question is why she is complained now and do you think Sirish Bharadwaj will do haarssment on Srija who is daughter of Tollywood Mega star and PRP leader Chiranjeevi, apart from that Srija is a one of the most influential person’s daughter. If he tortures Srija, did she tolerate for one year?

Now the latest rumors from the film nagar circles is that Chiranjeevi couple is getting ready to do second marriage for Srija it seems and the they have selected a Pune based business man for Srija. …

Meher Ramesh's ugly mistakes in Shakti

When style is the buzz word ruling TFI, director Meher Ramesh hasn't taken any care in designing the costumes of Jr NTR for Shakti. There is unique criticism in market on ordinary look of NTR, who made it to top with youthful looks in 'Brindavanam'. As 'Shakti' is arriving very next to hit film 'Brindavanam', fans of Nandamuri hero expected a bright appearance but disappointed.

Along with costumes, till today the title of 'A1 Star' appearing in trailers for Jr NTR is not gelling well in fans circles. Director Meher Ramesh is requested by Nandamuri fans to call Jr NTR only as 'Young Tiger' and not 'A1 Star'. These two ugly attempts of Meher done with an intention to increase the craze around 'Shakti' didn't work in his favor. In return, 'Shakti' publicity is receiving negative feedback with these two mistakes.

Nagarjuna's Hotel became 'Bhoot Bangla'

Right from Alfred Hitchcock’s ghost stories to Ram Gopal Varma's scary films, every director has explored the best of ghost in Bhoot Banglas. Now, a famous hotel of actor Nagarjuna became an emptied place like a ghost castle, not for the sake of cinema, but for real.

King Nagarjuna's famous wine and dine outlet in the posh Jubilee Hills area, N-Grill is sporting a deserted look from the last two days. The spot is visited regularly by popular actors, actresses and other technicians of the industry. Gangs of Puri Jagannadh and a popular channel's anchors make all the hungama there everyday with their boozy celebrations. Apparently, the news of IT raids on Nagarjuna has terrified filmy guys who spend lavishly and travel in luxurious cars. Earlier, they felt that ramming in a Rangerover car is a big-range and now it was treated like a big danger! Let's wait and see who's still there on IT net.

Big Doubts about Lux Papa's Big B****

Asha Saini, the sexy plump beauty was remarkable for her role in Balayya's 'Narasimha Naidu' as Lux Papa. From then onwards she acted in a dozen of films that are difficult to remember. Finally, she donned the shoes of an item-bomb before turning raunchy with careless skin shows.

Now, the news of her supposed boob job became the talk of town. Off late, after changing her name to Mayuri, the curvaceous beauty is looking more sexy and voluptuous. Recenlty, released Jagapathi Babu's 'Chattam' became a platform to showcase her protruding assets for Telugu audience in a raunchy item number. However, overly increased sizes of the top assets became the talk of Film Nagar now. Insiders are saying that they are the result of a silicone implantation. It is very obvious that our Lux Papa wants to settle down as an hot item girl for quick money.

Lady Luck makes Venky weak!!!

Versatility is his main weapon when it comes to enthralling the audience from last two decades. Victory Venkatesh became a household name in Telugu circuit both for his action packed hero roles and family-man antics. Anyhow, lady luck is making him weak now.

After the glorious success of his 'Tulasi', Venky has not tasted such a range of success again. While family flick 'Namo Venkatesa' is an average grosser, trade pundits say that his recent suspense thriller 'Nagavalli' is unable to collect the full amount invested. To score a super hit again, Venky has given up his strong desire of working with 'Nayantara' for the third time.

However, Lady-luck made Venky weak to select Trisha as his heroine, as she proves to be his lady luck as per BO experts.. Under the direction of Gopichand Malineni, Venky is acting in the remake of versatile Mallu flick 'Bodyguard', to shake a leg with petite beauty Trisha.

Trisha has also acted with Venkatesh…

Heroine's husband dying with shame

Aged heroine Bhumika lashed media for false reporting on her divorce trials with husband Bharat Thakur. Although media circles, who were close to Bhumika tried to propagate news on their colorful married life going strong, it didn't give fruitful results. The message of everything is not fine between them has spread like wild fire. While Bhumika thundered on news reporters for playing with their family lives yet it is to be believed that there is no smoke without fire.

Apparently gossips on Bhumika have decreased in force after brief explanation from the loving wife. Nevertheless Bharat with his don't care attitude is still persisting in bad books of film circles. He urgently needs to perform some doting husband deeds to bail out from villain image. The cine folks say Bharat Thakur is dying with shame to come before media. Well, everybody can analyze the reasons folks.

Siddharth-Priya Anand's 180 First Look : Exclusive

Unmarried Aunty loves link-up rumors

Bollywood actress Rani Mukherjee entered late thirties of bachelorhood reaching last stages of a glamour heroine career. Evidentially offers are declining but she is consistent in attracting gossipmongers. From last five years, Rani has been constantly facing her link-up with producer-cum-director Aditya Chopra.

Latest buzz is that she will tie knot with Aditya Chopra but she opted to remain quite on this until it really happens. Even Rani is staying calm and quite on many personal rumors. Questioning her on relationship with Aditya Chopra, she laughed feeling glad that she has been linked up with one person for so long and she enjoys the consistency. "I do not want to have unnecessary attention on personal relationship issues. So I decided to remain silent in those aspects of life in front of camera," says Rani. Because of these unnecessary rumors, Rani broke her friendship with Kajol and Abhishek Bachchan. Now, staying quite means Rani is enjoying the link-up …

Nuvvu Nenu - Comedy Artist Santosh Kumar & Rupali (Mar 26)

Juicy Heroine Lost 'Juice' In Her!!!

When it comes to the southern circuit, the audience would love to see their heroines have that extra bit of flesh which adds to the oomph and sex appeal. So, it is natural that voluptuous beauties like Anushka, Asin, Charmy, Namitha have hot demand among the masses.Now, one heroine created a similar stir when she made her debut but eventually she seems to have gone dry. We are talking about the imported beauty Vimala Raman. When she made her debut, Vimala was buxom, had a juicy sex appeal and her assets and curves looked full making her the most desirable girl.However, the recent films have shown that she has shrunk in size and even her cheeks have gone inside. After seeing her in movies like ‘Raaj’ ‘Chattam’, the common comment is that Vimala looks like a juicy watermelon sucked dry. Well, let us hope she does something about it then.

I'm not dating Bipasha: Rana Daggubati

Southern actor Rana Daggubati, who is set to make his Bollywood debut in Dum Maaro Dum, has squashed rumours of a relationship with co-star Bipasha Basu.

"I have immense respect for Bipasha as a co-star and it's embarrassing that people should think otherwise. Don't know where the rumors keep creeping up from over and over again!" Daggubati posted on his Twitter page.

The 25-year-old actor, who has been reportedly dating Shriya Saran for the past five years, is said to have had a rift with her -- thanks to his closeness to Bipasha. However, Daggubati has denied anything more than a friendship with Shriya.

"Shriya has known me since I was in college. We've been great friends for over 8 yrs now. All other gossips are FALSE! (sic)," he added on the Twitter.

Dum Maaro Dum, also starring Abhishek Bachchan, releases April 22. (IANS)