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Bharyamani - Episode 601 (Mar 26)

Chandra Mukhi - Episode 1082 (Mar 26)

Problem Between Pawan And Renu Desai?

There has been something fishy going on in the family of Chiranjeevi as observed by many. Pawan Kalyan is not being seen along with his wife Renu Desai even in the family events.

It was assumed by many that there is a split between Pawan and his brother Chiranjeevi. Many conspiracy theories were also developed in that issue. This was convincing as Pawan Kalyan came without Renu to Allu Arjun’s wedding.

But now since Renu was absent even in Teenmaar audio event, it is being gossiped that some friction developed between Pawan and Renu. As per the grapevine Pawan wishes to retain the relation with Renu but Renu is not comfortable with him.

Let us wish that everything settles down and Pawan comes out with flying colors solving all the issues if any.

YS Jagan meets K V P Ramachandra Rao

IT revealed Tollywood Stars unaccounted assets

KTR spits fire on Srikrishna committee

'Bigmouth' Rosaiah Strikes again

Baby without 'Man' : Shocking Scientific Invention

Chiranjeevi attacks his Own Party

War of words between Jagan & TDP MLAs

Kodandaram blast over Sri Krishna Committee

Don't Underestimate YS Jagan : JC Diwakar Reddy

Two Gunmen for a 'School Teacher' @ 10th Exams

Devineni Uma's Open Challenge to Jagan's Camp

JC Diwakar Reddy 'Oka Visha Purugu' : Raghuveera

Tamannah to test her voice in 100% Love!

Tamannah has her hands full in Telugu Cinema this year. Come April and May, you will see her in big budgeted movies - Sukumar directed Naga Chaitanya starrer 100% Love and Vinayak directed Allu Arjun's Badrinath.

Interestingly, she is going to dub her own voice for 100% Love . "Yes I have dubbed for two reels and is waiting for my director's approval. I don't wish to speak anything about it now, as it's too early. But one day I will definitely dub in my own voice for both Tamil and Telugu films," she said.

This Punjabi kudi speaks Telugu fluently. She talks to the media and gives interviews in Telugu only. It is nice to see that she has decided to dub her own voice in her forthcoming films.

Apart from these two films, she is currently doing three films - one with NTR, one with Ram Charan and the other with Ram. She is now keen on developing her career in Telugu film industry.

Rajini to start ‘Robo-2’

Good news awaits Rajini fans even before the start of their Thalaivar’s next venture ‘Rana’. Yes, the Superstar is preparing himself for a sequel to ‘Robo’, his biggest blockbuster till date.

This has been revealed by none other than cinematographer Rathnavelu, who picturised ‘Robo’ and now getting ready to wield the camera for ‘Rana’ too. “Talks are currently on,” he says.

Shedding more light, he says, “Rajini sir, Sun Pictures, Shankar, Rahman and myself will come together for Robo-2 too. Most members of Robo team will be retained. Shankar is currently making the script ready.”

Saying that the movie would go on floors once Rajini completes ‘Rana’ and Shankar completes ‘Nanban’, a remake of ‘3 Idiots’, Randy says he would soon leave for Scotland to zero in on locations for ‘Rana’.

Rana is a handsome hero: Bipasa Basu

Dusky beauty Bipasa Basu was in Hyderabad on Thursday to promote her next Hindi film 'Dum Maro Dum'. Bipasa is starring with Daggubati Rana in this movie. She addressed the media conference with Rana and the movie's director Rohan Sippy at a star hotel in the city. Rana, Rohan and Bipasa launched the T-shirt and tea mug with the logo of the movie on it at the press conference.

Bipasa remined that she acted with Mahesh Babu in the movie 'Takkari' and Ranas the second Telugu hero she is acting with. She was all praise for Rana and said that he is a handsome guy.

"Rana is a handsome guy and a talented actor. He speaks very good Hindi. I had earlier acted with Mahesh Babu and Rana is my second Telugu hero. In this movie Dum Maro Dum which is a story based out of Goa, there is no concept of hero and heroine. All the charecters have equal importance and it was enjoyable experience working for it" she claimed.

The movie stars Abhishek Bachchan, Pratie…

Shriya denies dating Rana

For the last couple of months, a rumor has been making rounds in the Tollywood circles, that Rana and Shriya are madly in love with each other. They were said to be spotted together in Hyderabad and on a holiday in Goa.

Shriya denied the rumors. "I met Rana when he was a student. I cherish friendly relationship with his family for eight years. I like them so much and they do respect me a lot. Except for friendship, there is nothing between me and Rana," she said

Reason For Chiranjeevi-Pawan Kalyan Split

The mega family may pose well for the camera but it is heard that there are few complications behind the screen. The primary issue among that is the friction between Chiranjeevi and his brother Pawan Kalyan. If sources are to be believed, there are no talks between Chiru and Pawan. Well, here is the reason for that.

It is heard that Chiranjeevi discussed with Pawan and Naga Babu so he said “Both of you should come while I am campaigning for Congress.” It seems Naga Babu was ok, but Pawan reportedly said “Sorry Annayya, after merger with congress I can’t. If you want, Cinema events I can but after giving dialogues like ‘panchalu oodagodtha’ I can’t say jai Sonia. My image will go wrong.”

It seems this infuriated Chiru who said “What image? Today you got an image only because of me. Where does your image come in between?”. After hearing this, Pawan reportedly walked away in silence. That’s why sources say he came in ultra casual t-shirt in Allu Arjun’s wedding and that too w…

Varun Sandesh To Marry Shraddha Das!!!

Affairs and passionate moments are very common in the film industry but there are times when things take a serious turn and end up becoming relationships and in some cases, even marriages. Right now, the filmnagar is abuzz with a similar news and here is the surprise part…the folks in the scanner are Varun Sandesh and Shraddha Das.Sources say that both Varun and Shraddha have been struck by cupid and it is heard that they were also spotted at a recent Holi bash held at a star hotel holding hands which surprised the onlookers. Now, the other update is that Varun’s father is dead against this and he has reportedly trying to threaten Shraddha to stay away from Varun. Grapevine is that both Varun and Shraddha are staying at Ebony hotel in Banjara Hills and sources close to Varun’s father reveal that he is expecting both of them will get married secretly. For now, the issue looks hot if all this is true.

Super Hit Film Heroine's 'No' To Free-Sex

It is a general understanding in the cine circuit that when the career graph is not running well, heroines tend to go on the loose track and indulge in some intimate acts. However, there are those rare exceptions as well. Right now, one girl seems to be setting an example despite her bumpy career.Apparently, she had a dream start as a heroine with a block buster musical hit love story in 2008, but her graph dwindled with her subsequent movies and today she is literally craving for offers. But this girl is saying no to any such ‘private offers’ even when her career is not going well. The cine folks say her voluptuous oomph drives many men crazy.It is heard that recently when someone asked her out, she went to the extent of slapping that person. For the record, SBP hails from the north and was also seen as a child artist in an award winning film based on cricket. Those who heard her approach are hailing her and those who desired her are feeling disappointed. Well, guys why …

Meher Ramesh Made Jr NTR A 'Buffoon'

The announcement that ‘Shakti’ was becoming the costliest film in Tollywood brought cheers to many of the Jr NTR fans. However, all their spirits got dampened when they heard that it was being directed by Meher Ramesh. The frank opinion by many is that Meher doesn’t have the material or the ability of a talented director.

Now, true to the views expressed by many, Meher Ramesh seems to have made a mess out of ‘Shakti’. More than that, the Nandamuri fans are now worried on the way Junior NTR’s character has been etched and the image projection he has been given. Recently, few stills of the film were released and those who saw it were in shock.

They said “It is painful to say this but Junior looks like a buffoon in the get up of a warrior. That hair wig… that pant… that total outfit, it looks like Meher wanted to save money and he designed and stitched the costumes for junior with his own hands. Gosh…he looks awful!!” Now, many fear if the film also is shaped up like this by …

Heroine's F*** With Middle Age Hero

When passions take over then things like professionalism or seniority go to the dogs. Atleast,that is the case in the cine circuit. A strong grapevine has been making rounds about a hot affair between a middle age hero and a heroine who is known for her oomph factor and talented performances.

Recently, this heroine joined a Ladies get together which is part of her regular socializing circles. It seems one of the ladies close to the heroine asked “What’s happening with that hero? We heard that he is keeping you in good control and handles you?”

For this, the dusky beauty replied “What? me in his grip? Nonsense!!! he is in my grip and full control.” Later, a very close group of ladies went into a room and were curious to know the heroine’s experiences with this senior hero. Incidentally, the hero is famous among women for his family man looks.

Namratha's 'Dookudu' On Mahesh

The celebrity couple Mahesh Babu and Namratha has always maintained a low profile. However things changed only after their little munchkin Goutham was born and few private pictures of Mahesh came out much to the delight of his fans. Now, it is heard that Namratha is currently in a ‘Dookudu’ mood on her hubby and the reason for that is their son Goutham again.

News is that Goutham is all set to have his summer holidays since his schools are nearing the end. Friends of Namratha revealed her words, it seems she said “Do whatever you want, you should spend time with Goutham, he needs his father’s love and company.”

While this lovely ‘Dookudu’ is on from Namratha, it is also heard Mahesh is very inclined to do his duty as a father and he is quite keen on spending time with Goutham. So, the chances are that the schedule will be fixed in the next month or so and the entire family will be off for an outing. Most likely, it is going to be an overseas location, as per sources.

Pawan Kalyan's Movie Plans With Neelakanta

True talent and skill will always have a demand. A classic example for that is the National Award winner Neelakanta. It has been a while since the master technician has been on a hiatus and now he is busy with his new movie ‘Virodhi’. But here is another update which has begun to make some rounds in film nagar.It is heard that Pawan Kalyan who considers Neelakanta to be a good craftsman of cinema is keen on doing a project with him. So far, Pawan has been seen in commercial or masala fares but he has not been able to come up with a classy or technically sound flick. Therefore, he is reportedly seeing a solution in the form of Neelakanta. Buzz is that Pawan might get in touch with Neelakanta as soon as he wriggles out of his tight schedules. The cine folks who heard it say “This will be a unique combination of a commercial hero with an intellectual director. If they can dish out a project, it will have good mileage and curiosity”. Let’s see what happens..

Father's Worry About NTR's Marriage

By NTR we are not referring to the young tiger. Our focus is on Nandamuri Taraka Rathna and it is heard that his father Mohan Krishna is quite concerned. Apparently, Tarakaratna has not been able to shape up his career. All his films have turned out to be flops and no one is coming forward to make a film with him.At the same time, Tarak’s father is also concerned that marriage has to be done and with this type of profile, no one will come forward to give their girl. A close friend of Mohan Krishna revealed “Mohan is worried that history is repeating itself. Well, he has been living on his father’s property and didn’t do much about his life. Now, even Tarak also might have to do the same thing.” As such, Junior NTR is zooming forward in his career and even his personal life is now settling. Nandamuri Kalyanram is also making his own mark and is managing to come up with films. Hence, Mohan Krishna is feeling bad that his son is yet to get the breakthrough.

Allu Sirish's 'Mr Perfect' Drama @ 'Teen Maar'

For some reason, whatever Allu Sirish tries to do, especially on the web, the impact of it is nil and instead the whole thing looks hollow and plastic. This is the common opinion from many who follow his tweets in the Twitter network. Here is another one from Sirish which has met with sharp criticism.Apparently, the tweet read “Been outta town since Fri. Cudnt listen to Teen Maar songs. Dont wanna use torrents. Any legal site? How are the songs? Whats ur fav track?”. Well, the lines might seem straight but the regular twitter followers could read between the lines and came up with their interpretation. They said Sirish wanted to convey that he doesn’t encourage piracy. One of them who happens to be part of the cine industry asked “Sirish doesn’t even know about the most popular legal site which stores songs of all languages? All this is pure build up as though he is ‘Mr Perfect’”.

Mohan Babu's Warning To Vishnu

If dialogue delivery is one reason why Mohan Babu is revered then discipline is the other reason why he is regarded. However, the legacy he created has not been going forward as his sons Manchu Vishnu and Manchu Manoj are unable to prove their mettle. Notable among the two is Manchu Vishnu.Having scored a hit with ‘Dhee’, Vishnu has been going through a flurry of flops. As if that was not enough, he transformed into a thin reed from a healthy looking youngster (through liposuction). The new look of Vishnu was met with negative comments as many said he looked like a patient who has recovered from a grave illness.After getting this feedback, it is heard that Mohan Babu gave a strict warning to Vishnu to add some fat on body. Even few other cine folks say “We like Vishnu with some flesh on him and not in this skeletal structure. Who knows? Maybe a change in his look will also bring some luck to his career.”

Top Heroines Afraid Of Director's Torture

It is often said that top heroines tend to show their tantrums and airs making life difficult for directors and producers. But here is one director who has been giving some jitters to the top league ladies. Incidentally, the talk among the heroine circuit is that working with him would mean torture.

Well, he is none other than Shankar and here is the reason for this charge on him. Apparently, Shankar books a heroine for bulk dates and this could go upto two years. This has happened with Shriya for ‘Sivaji’ Aishwarya Bachchan for ‘Robot’. Due to the blocked bulk dates, there were no other film activities or no other exposure for the leading ladies.

Looking at the spate of Shriya and Ash, the other heroines are getting worried and thinking whether to associate with Shankar or not. Right now, few sources from Chennai say that even Ileana has begun to feel like that as she is currently working with Shankar for the Tamil remake of the Bollywood blockbuster ‘3 Idiots’, which may go for years …

Foreign Sexy Heroines tries their luck in Bollywood

Man's Illegal Physical Relation with Both Mother & Daughter