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Devatha Episode 577 (Mar 25)

No.23 Mahalakshmi Nivasam Episode 62 (Mar 25)

Chinna Kodalu Episode 150 (Mar 25)

Peddireddy turns Hero as CM Kiran turns Zero

Raghuveera Reddy Thoka Kathirista : JC Brothers

Azad all set to 'Tighten Nose' of T & Seemandhra MPs

TDP MLA Pocharam slams Babu's Double standards

JC Vs Raghuveera Gang Fight heats up AP Politics

Reasons behind IT raids on Tollywood Stars

CM Kiran undress pressure over MLC Results

Rajinikanth's support may turn Throne in TN Politics

Secret Match Fixing between SKC & Lagadapati

Botsa complaints to High command on Kiran

TDP's Satire on TSR Congress Merger

JC Diwakar Reddy Under Attack

KCR Sensational comments on TRS Congress Merger

Jr NTR's new dream with 'Shakti'

Right from starting his expedition into the tinsel town, young tiger NTR is going on creating records and certain standards in mass flicks and dance sequences. With 'Brindavanam', Junior proved both his power and a class movie's stamina at BO. However, he is said to be running after new dreams with his upcoming 'Shakti'.

More than a movie running in hundreds of centres, getting successful for hundreds of days in a single theatre is an ultimate kick. It is only Ram Charan's 'Magadheera', which had that unique record for running 600 days in a theatre of Kurnool town. Now, it is heard that Jr NTR is also very much interested to chase this record with his 'Shakti' to re-write history. On the other hand, the release date of this socio-fantasy flick is postponed to April 1st , with that pending post-production work.

Sr.Manly Vs. Jr.Manly @ Ladies Hostels

Ladies Hostels are always the perfect place for our young heroes to find out their real stamina. Mainly, a senior and junior manly hero is all set to conquer the hearts of young girls with their respective new looks.

Though the season of this hot summer is going to witness the best-ever fight between our top stars, two of them are creating thunders. The man with a power physique and huge abs supported by strong biceps is ultimately young rebel star Prabhas. Known for his thunderbolt performance and terrific body language, Prabhas is the 'Darling' of many teenage girls now. Competing with him is the new kid on the block with a rocking macho looks, Daggubati RaNa. With that roadside romeo look in his upcoming 'Nenu Naa Rakshasi', this young man is giving a tough time for 'Mr.Perfect' Prabhas. With groups of ladies taking sides of these manly guys, the heat is on a high in Ladies Hostels until their films prove at the Box Office.

Bollywood Bomb's punch to 'Telugu Channel'

While it is common for news channels to wind up stories that rage TRPs to a max, competition is making them run for troublesome things.

Recently, when a popular Telugu news channel aired a story on director Ram Gopal Varma, it received a blow in the form of a court case. In the same lines, a starlet of Hindi circuit has warned a journalist not to put up some 'tricky' questions to create unnecessary troubles. Bollywood bomb Bipasha Basu was posed a question about her reduced screen time than Deepika Padukone in her upcoming flick 'Dum Maaro Dum', by 'sensation' loving channel’s lady anchor. "You guys always create unnecessary differences for your self benefits. Don't do that. It is unfair", the Bong babe replied harshly. It's time for news channels to start thinking about 'useful' journalism, else they will face much heat in the coming days, a top director quipped.

Rana slipping away from Suresh Babu

Entry of Daggubati Rana into Bollywood for 'Dum Maaro Dum' brought ocean of change in his character. Buzz is that everything is happening by the mercy of dusky actress Bipasha Basu, who is getting more and more close with the young man. As this is first time Rana worked with a tempting seductress, lookslike he could not resist his feelings.

Rana is spending much of time on 'Dum Maaro Dum' and Bipasha Basu, which pushed back his chances in Tollywood. Meanwhile, Suresh Babu is remaining concerned about his son who got addicted to Bipasha like a narcotic drug. Even they say as John Abraham is out of Bip's romantic life, she is finding solace in the arms and hugs of Rana. Now-a-days, Rana is openly admitting that Bipasha is smoking hot and he makes her good partner both off the screen and on the screen. If it is off the screen then Rana is surely slipping away from hands of Suresh Babu.

Hero's midnight race with Sexy Heroine

Bollywood funky heroes appear like spoilt youth doing bad boy activities late in the mid nights. Pub partying, long driving are their common diary notes and here is interesting came before media members on Mumbai roads.

Ranbir Kapoor is known for midnight car and bike races. He was last found racing in his car on a Bandra road late in mid night chasing with sexy Priyanka Chopra. Attending the late night party of a director friend, this hot couple was seen with each of their cars filled with friends racing on spacious Bandra road. This kind of racing culture began in Tollywood even and earlier there was news about Ram Charan, Naga Chaitanya, Navdeep and some other young heroes sailing at high speeds in top gear all along Banjara Hills and Jubilee Hills roads. Although this might sound thrill but racing is highly prone to risks which can kill the lives.

Next IT targets in Tollywood

Income Tax raids on Nagarjuna, Anushka and Raviteja offices alerted the remaining cine personalities. Insiders tell this may not be the end of attacks and many more names in the big net are to scroll out. Going by preliminary anticipations of media reports, frontrunners in IT assault list are Ileana, Jr NTR, Allu Arjun, Brahmanandam, Ram Gopal Varma, Rajamouli and few others.

Ileana is minting bulk pockets of money by taking a remuneration of nearly Rs 2 crores for each film apart from few endorsements and a special designer store established on her own name. Secondly Jr NTR is the highest charging hero in Tollywood and also having crores worth properties received in the form of dowry from Narne Srinivas Rao. Along with this NTR's expensive luxury classic cars with fancy numbers registered on other names are in consideration by IT sleuths. Even though Ram Gopal Varma is gossiped to be in losses with Bollywood ventures, his busy schedules with multi tasking on plenty of…

RGV laughs @ Lakshmi OA

When Ram Gopal Varma planned to complete the shoot of 'Dongala Mutha' in a matter of five days, neither of artists in the movie got enough time to go for rehearsals. But Manchu Lakshmi Prasanna going for a training session of nearly five days in handling the double barrel gun in this flick has become a big laughing stock in cine circles.

Lakshmi Manchu appears to be a learner at every stage. With the help of one of her close friends representing National level rifle shooting competitions, Lakshmi learnt the basics on how to hold the guns, how to pull the trigger button and how to aim a target. Silly girl, does a character like Shiva in 'Dongala Mutha' require that kind of hard work. Having known this RGV laughed continuously a couple of minutes for the over action of Lakshmi Prasanna.

Director's weakness for Lady Teacher

ndraganti Mohan Krishna is a director with passion towards meaningful movies. He has a shaking weakness towards young girl Colors Swathi. Both of them seem to be real good friends, as after casting Swathi in 'Ashta Chemma', the director repeated same girl in 'Golconda High School' as a lady teacher.

Despite critics laughed loud on Swathi's fleshless teacher get up, now we hear that Mohan Krishna signed Swathi again for his next movie with Sushanth, produced by Naga Susheela on Sri Nag Corporation. Apart from Swathi, there will also be a new heroine besides Sushanth in this socio fantasy film which is to go on floors by next month. Swathi is getting continuous thumbs down for performances in all the movies followed by 'Ashta Chemma' inclusive of 'Mirapakay' where she played the cameo. What remains to be seen is how Mohan Krishna designs lady teacher's character as Deva Kanya.

Telugu top heroes packing their bags

The sudden raid by Income Tax officials on the houses of Nagarjuna, Anushka and Raviteja is shocking news for Telugu producers and top heroes. The well implemented plan of IT department to attack the residences of Nagarjuna in Hyderabad, Chennai and Bangalore is hailed as a preplanned attack.

After the IT fears in Bollywood, there are early messages that Tollywood would be the next target with names of many top South celebrities going under the scanner for their lavish homes, land properties and highly influential political circles. Nevertheless the sudden shock faced by Nagarjuna became eye opener for other top heroes who are packing their secret documents and cash in gunny bags sending them to safe distant locations. We may require a 'Shivaji' kind of hero to catch this black unaccounted money.

Ban on Charmi for One Year???

The news of actress Ramya's (Kalyanram's heroine in 'Abhimanyu') ban in Kannada Industry is still vibrating in the ears of TFI and here comes a fresh one. After tasting success at BO, it is natural for our heroines to show starry tantrums and hefty demands. But with the blow Ramya got, industry big-wigs are cutting off the waging tails of our head-strong lead girls.

Reportedly, a small-producer met the officials of AP Film Chamber and Movie Artist Associations today to discuss this. The producer on condition of anonymity stated that sexy beauty Charmi is not at all co-operating for the promotion of his film. After that acclaimed item number with Nagarjuna in 'Ragada' and an asset exhibiting performance in RGV's 'Dongala Mutha', Charmi is on cloud nine as per reports. The producer alleged that the busty girl has forgotten his flick and the deal with the release of her latest flick, before telling cock and bull stories for not attending th…

Sexy Kajal starting 'P' Business!

Starting a side business has become a fashion these days for our glamorous divas. To keep their image intact in the minds of audience, these sexy beauties are depending on 'other' activities. It appears that this enchanting beauty is soon getting forayed into Product business.

Last month, sexy hip-beauty Ileana has started a designer store featuring some hot collections of her mom's designs and other imported designer wear. In the same way, it is heard now that Kajal wants to start some business that can get her both fame and money. After acting in some blockbusters, Kajal might have thought that something is needed to boost her image further, for a permanent slot in Telugu industry. A couple of insiders revealed that Kajal wants to launch some foreign cosmetic products in Andhra Pradesh, where market for beauty products is comparitively low like in Northern states. Wait and see how can Kajal's beauty products butter Telugu audience.

Mahesh gets French horse for Arabian horse

Mahesh Babu is upset with director Mani Ratnam for pulling away his Arabian horse and allowing him a French horse. If you want to know what is this horse story, just read this. Prince is making all the news for his sugar face liked by Mani Ratnam getting him a chance in South’s biggest multi-starrer project based on Ponniyin Selvan.

Apparently Mahesh is set to go topless and even taking extra proteins to get the real princely look. But shocking truth is Arabian horse Anushka is grabbed away from him as Vijay is set to romance her in the film and not Mahesh Babu. Instead our charming prince will drive French horse and go on a ride. Sizzling Anushka will play sister act to Mahesh and reactions of Telugu audience on Mani Ratnam's plan is still awaited. So, if Vijay drives the Arabian horse Anushka, it is Mahesh Babu adjusted with real French horse.

Anushka's secrets hidden with Nagarjuna

Income Tax raids on the residences of Nagarjuna, Anushka is known to have revealed great secret linkups of TFI. If Bollywood IT raids brought the live in relationship between Priyanka Chopra and Shahid Kapoor to light, here in Hyderabad the IT raids disclosed the close and confidential relations between Anushka and Nagarjuna.

An early bird from close circles of these celebrities reports that Nagarjuna and Anushka have jointly invested on many real estate properties. In some cases the handsome hero used to take care of sexy yoga babe's total financial dealings. Income Tax officials are known to have recovered pivotal documents which gave them passkey to explore the secrets of Anushka hidden in Nagarjuna's lockers. Let us wait and see whether they will continue this link-up in future or not.

Mega Brother irritates Megastar

Finally, the big-brother of Mega Family, Mega star Chiranjeevi took his time to come heavily on his brother. After a big blow with 'Orange', mega brother Naga Babu has lost peace of mind it seems.

After looking at the launches of many second generation heroes from his family, Naga Babu is smitten with 'putra prema'. This actor-producer is leaving no stone unturned to get a great launch pad for his son Varun Tej. As per reports, without taking any consent from big-brother Chiru, he is approaching the leading directors of Tollywood for that big-day. While people like Krishnavamsi and Puri Jagannath are okay with the deal, they are awaiting for a nod from Mega Star. When the same news reached Chiru, the hero got irritated and brain washed his brother for such untimely acts, revealed a close source. Even industry people felt that, Ram Charan is still struggling and Sai Dharam Tej is in the queue to make Naga Babu's son wait for a few years more.

Ileana fever shocks sexy Trisha???

The time has come for Telugu audience to witness a feast of superstar heroes flicks in this hot summer. 'Skakti' and 'Teen Maar' are the two big names, while 'Mr.Perfect', 'Nenu Naa Rakshasi' and '100% LOVE' follows the elite group of star valued flicks. Apart from all these flicks, their heroes and directors, ‘Ileana Fever’ is ruffling everyone.

Apparently, Ileana's new plumped look became a 'hot' attraction for her forthcoming flicks. The biggest competitors of the season, 'Skakti' and 'Teen Maar' have everything in common, like star-value, average music and convincing storylines. However, Ileana's enhanced curvaceous body can rock the BO giving an advantage to Jr NTR's flick over Pawan Kalyan's. As a finishing touch, Ileana is bouncing again with 'Nenu Naa Rakshasi' in a month gap. Guess who will be annoyed more, for this double blow from Goan hip-beauty. Surely Trisha, says cine folks…

Amrutham - Prema Pavuram (Mar 25)

Did Priyamani invest in Raaj?

Tollywood rumor zones are abuzz that Priyamani has not only bagged a flop but also lost so much money on Raaj movie. If the rumors are to be believed, Priyamani has invested money in Raaj it seems.

Priyamani who was first signed up as the heroine in Raaj has come up with an idea to invest in the movie as she found it potent enough to be a commercial hit. It can be recalled here that she has indulged in heavy skin show for this film. She has flaunted her assets at the drop of a hat but in vain.

Priyamani’s attempts have gone wasted as Raaj proved to be a damp squib at the box office. Priyamani also acted in Kumar Brothers earlier production Sadhyam which was also a major dud. Tough luck Priya!

Ganapathi Complex Kicks On Gopichand's Butt

Some of you may not be aware but to those who pass by the Krishna Nagar area and Srinagar colony, the Ganapathi complex and Manga tiffin center are quite known. They happen to be the hangout joint for assistant directors who are aspiring directors. It is also the place where they share their experiences and views.

Something like that was happening recently and they were discussing on how to try and approach a hero to convince. As first timers, they expect no involvement of hero or producer in creative aspects. Anyways, after few rounds of talks, they came up with statements which were quite interesting.

It is heard that Ravi Teja is the first preference for gang of Ganapathi complex. Incidentally, Ravi Teja gives complete creative freedom to the director and allows them full space. They also add that he has certain inputs which improvises the scene and works in favor of the director.

However, the big no no is for Gopichand. One of the assistant directors was saying “After …

Sexy Aunty's Proposal For Rana Daggubati

Daggubati Rana is yet to arrive with his second film but then he has been creating enough buzz outside the silver screen. That way, he is also becoming the hot property for many. Interestingly, he is creating such a trend in Bollywood as well and here is the reason why we are saying this.

Our sources from Bollywood reveal that the dusky bombshell Bipasha Basu who has paired up with Rana in his debut film ‘Dum Maro Dum’ has now come up with another proposal. News is that she has asked Rana to act in another movie based on a period story (tentatively Droupadi) and here is the interesting twist, even Bipasha is also part of the project and she expects Rana to pair with her.

Given his towering height and a chiseled frame, Rana sure has the looks of a warrior or prince. But those who heard this in Mumbai are saying “We are hoping to see a mass masala image of Rana in Nenu Naa Rakshasi. Now, if he takes up this period project, it might be a ‘U’ turn for his image. But yes, he do…

Access Denied For Venkatesh's Fort

To those who are not aware, victory Venkatesh is currently coming up with a home in the Manikonda area and if sources are to be believed, it is no less than a fort. Now, an issue has cropped up and as usual, the Daggubati mastermind Suresh Babu was upto his cards which is not going well this time.

Apparently, news is that there is no access road to Venky’s fort and the only way is, it has to come from a colony. For this, the colony people must approve. It is heard that they didn’t agree at first but Suresh Babu intervened and reportedly said “If you give access, I promise we will build a community hall for the colony.”

The colony folks say that Suresh Babu also stated that the hall would be named Ramanaidu community hall. Believing him, the colony approved and the access was got. But till date, there is no sign of constructing the community hall. To add to the woes, the colony residents reveal that Suresh Babu is making himself not accessible. Buzz is that they realized Su…

Sirish rejected bail in Srija case

Sirish Bharadwaj, the “villain-husband” of Srija, the younger daughter of Chiranjeevi, cannot escape going to jail.The 8th additional metropolitan sessions court on Thursday refused to grant anticipatory bail to Sirish stating that he has to undergo the trial as the case filed under Section 498 (A) of the IPC was of serious nature.The police filed the case against Sirish on March 14, following a complaint from Srija. Though he was reportedly taken into custody for interrogation, the police have bee claiming that Sirish has gone absconding since then, trying for an anticipatory bail.However, the court granted conditional bail to Sirish’s mother Suryamangala, against whom there were no direct charges. Suryamangala has to appear before the police for interrogation whenever it is essential, the court said.Initially, there were reports that the police were trying to bring about a compromise between Srija and Sirish, since it would damage her own life, but Srija was said to be ad…

'Malleswari' Being Blackmailed!!

Having worked in films like ‘Malleswari’ ‘Aggipidugu’, Katrina Kaif is now the number one in Bollywood. It is now heard that she is being blackmailed and crores of rupees is being taken from her. When she was not aware that she would become a heroine of this range, Kats did a film called ‘Boom’ in Hindi. This had Amitabh, Zeenat Aman, Jackie Shroff, Padma Lakshmi etc in the lead.

Katrina did an almost vamp character in the film and she oozed out her oomph and glamour to the fullest. As part of it, she did intimate scenes with Gulshan Grover. The film released nearly 10 years ago and flopped. But now, it is heard that few people are blackmailing Katrina saying they would release the film in VCD, DVD. In an effort to stop it, sources say Katrina gave Rs 1 crore to those people get the rights of ‘Boom’.

But then, news is that those people are not satisfied and are still making attempts to take more money from Kats. Not knowing what to do, Bollywood sources say Katrina has now…

Brathuku Jatka Bandi -(Mar 24)

Prematho Mee Lakshmi - Paruchuri Brothers - Episode 7 (Mar 24)

Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5
Prematho Mee Lakshmi
The ‘Lakshmi Talk Show’ returns in a fresh-new look as ‘Prematho Mee Lakshmi’, on [date] this time on ETV. In the first season, the show had earned the highest TRP ratings ever for a Telugu program across all channels.
As a genre-changer in the entertainment industry, the first season was engaging, heartening & fun! While I met celebrities from all facets of life, they were showcased from a refreshing perspective – serious & light-hearted, delightful, endearing & heart-warming at the same time. The whole show is about celebrities saying & doing things viewers won’t experience anywhere else! I ask questions that no one has ever asked them before. They laughed, got embarrassed, got serious, revealed themselves, had fun and sometimes there were even tears.
And before we knew it, the show became a runaway hit! That is when we as the makers realized that this one-hour program became more than just a talk show. It became a mis…