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Adagaka Ichina Manasu Episode 52 (Mar 22)

Devatha Episode 574 (Mar 22)

Abhimani Kathi Lanti Game Show - Curtain raiser

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Abhimani - Kathi Lanti Game Show
conducted by Rajiv Kanakala. This Show gathers fans (who are called abhimani in telugu) from diffrent areas of Andhra Pradesh. They unndergo various levels of selection process and get finalised to a small group. This Show will conduct various tests about their Favorite Actor in front of them and the winner will get 50,000 Rupees which will be awarded by the Actor
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All Episodes of Abhimani - Kathi Lanti Game Show

Mogali Rekulu Episode 804 (Mar 22) Updated

The Shocking Truth About Overseas Film Business!!

With film line becoming more like a corporate industry, it is all about figures and returns for any film. And with globalization happening, the demand for films overseas has become a key aspect of business.However, as much as it may look rosy, here is a bitter truth about the harsh realities the overseas buyers are experiencing. While some enter out of pure passion for cinema, others make some wrong calculations. Anyways, here is a look at few inside facts on the actual collections of our films which we received from our sources.

The overseas price for ‘Puli’ was Rs 1.75 cr and even the loss was Rs 1.75 cr. This became the biggest loser overseas and just the print costs were recovered. Similar was the fate of ‘Orange’ which was bought at Rs 2.1 cr and the loss incurred was Rs 1.1 cr. ‘Anaganaga Oka Dheerudu’s hype fetched a price of Rs 1 cr and the buyers could manage only the print costs incurring a massive loss of Rs 1 cr. ‘Varudu’ was bought at Rs 1.3 cr and this gave a loss…

RGV Patches Up With TV9 Raviprakash?

It is still fresh in the memory of the people how popular television channel TV9 ran a big story against maverick film director Ramgopal Verma and run him down for his crazy ideas and silly plots. So much so that RGV had even gone to the extent of lodging a complaint with the police against Raviprakash, chief executive officer of TV9 for tarnishing his image.

In fact, there were also reports that RGV decided to take revenge on Raviprakash by creating a satirical character in his forthcoming film “Bezavada Rowdeelu” to run down the TV9 CEO or even make a film entirely based on the latter’s real life rags-to-riches story.

One does not know what happened to this war between the two subsequently, but one was surprised to find Raviprakash doing a rather soft interview with RGV in his popular show “Encounter With Raviprakash,” on Sunday night. Interestinlgy, it was a sort of “promo” for RGV’s latest film Dongala Mutha, which turned out to be an utter “bakwas”.

It is heard that some common frie…

Clash between Kiran Cabinet Ministers

Fear of Terrorist attack in Vizag

Ram Charan cheating Fans!

Ram Charan might be in USA fighting with Barters gym physical trainers to given him a sex pack body. But his concentration seems to be divulged on Pawan Kalyan's 'Teen Maar' and its audio release. Perhaps absence of Chiranjeevi and Ram Charan at the audio event was experienced by fans.

The cine folks say Ram Charan tweeting on music of 'Teen Maar' as rocking is a big blunder which even asserts to cheating of fans. In other tweet before praising Babai Pawan, Ram Charan said that he was fainted loosing the breath during physical work outs in gym. But reality byte here in Andhra Pradesh is that audience are getting fainted by listening to the slow, unappealing music of pacy titled 'Teen Maar'. So, both needs some energy drink.

Flop Hero recovering money with 'Girls'

After experimenting for a while with his utter flop ideas and unsuccessful business plans, young hero Vishnu came up with a money-recovering process. This new plan deals with 'young girls' and their hot moves before minting money for this flop hero.

In association with a leading bath-soap brand, Vishnu launched a mega reality show called 'Dream Girl', where he will hunt for the dream girl of his next flick. Vishnu is on a thought that the girl will take Telugu audience by storm while giving him good profits in the small screen circuit in the form of airing rights. Interesting elements like catwalk in two piece dresses and enacting romantic skits can surely raise alarm on television. Industry is talking that Vishnu's day-dreams are not yet all over, even after the disastrous effects of 'Saleem' and 'Vastadu Naa Raju'. What needs to be appreciated here is Vishnu's dare steps, even after falling continously with severe blows. Can this s…

Pawan waiting for the worst with Teen Maar

If audience and Fans have expected too much about Pawan Kalyan and his film 'Teen Maar', then you have gone awry. Audio of this much awaited film released yesterday before Fans is grabbing negative reviews every where inclusive in Fans sections. Producer Ganesh Babu thumping his chest calling 'Teen Maar' audio is best in Pawan's 14 movie career is a big lie.

Mani Sharma is blamed by Fans very next minute after hearing first three songs in the album. Combination of Pawan and Mani has always delivered the goods of quality even for flop films like 'Gudumba Shankar' and 'Balu'. Audio of 'Teen Maar' can be called as a total disappointment for Fans. Neither there is a repeat value nor there a feel for celebration of love. Going by the final report of audio, there is every possibility that worst from Pawan Kalyan is slated to arrive in April second week.

Director's hope on Hot Heroine

Success is an invaluable feeling which can be felt by heart. There is no unit to gauge it. Commercial director PA Arun Prasad knew more about this than any other. Bagging a bumper chance of directing Pawan Kalyan at early stages of career and then delivering super hit like 'Thammudu' next to 'Tholiprema' is a tough task achieved.

If Arun could have valued and molded the success of 'Thammudu' in his favor, today he could have got a position in top list of Tollywood directors. From then on Arun Prasad became a B grade director working for worthless producers. His recent movie for release is 'Chattam' with Jagapathi Babu and Vimala Raman. Given the name of Natti Kumar attached to this flick, we can imagine the quality of product. Yet Arun Prasad seems to have kept hopes on hot oomph of Vimala to offer him a break. Let us wait till 25th of the month to know the final result.

RaNa fingering Big Heroes G****

After creating enough ripples in Bollywood circuit, with his macho looks and matchless acting potential, RaNa is into huge demands in Tollywood. After running high with the trailer of 'Dum Maaro Dum' along side ravishing siren Bipasha Basu, he became the heartthrob of many teenagers of Andhra Pradesh now.

Apparently, RaNa is now eyeing the big starlets of Telugu industry after his arrival from Mumbai. After working with young tiger Jr NTR's upcoming flick's heroine Ileana, he is said to be demanding Trisha, the lead girl of Pawan Kalyan's ready for release movie 'Teenmaar'. A close associate of him revealed that RaNa is already striking the chords, to move out with Trisha. Another name, Kajal Agarwal is also on the cards for his upcoming project under the direction of a debutant. This sexy girl is serving her oomph opposite Prabhas in the forthcoming 'Mr.Perfect'. As an upcoming hero, many big-wigs are advising him not to finger the girls of already…

No.23 Mahalakshmi Nivasam Episode 59 (Mar 22)

Rakthasambandham Episode 342 ( Mar 22)

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Kotha Bangaram Episode 296 (Mar 22)

Sundarakanda Episode 341 (Mar 22)

'Bunny Batch' scares Telugu Industry!

'Bunny' is a prominent name in the Telugu Film Industry as it was the nickname of stylish star Allu Arjun. Those who maintain a immediacy with this newly married hero love to call him with that name. However, here is a new 'Bunny Batch' that is scaring the industry people.

Those who are allied with Allu Arjun from a long time are tagged with the word 'bunny' in front of their names. One such person is the once upon a time manager of Allu Arjun and now the producer of Naga Chaitanya's '100% Love', Bunny Vasu. For numerology sake, this rag to riches guy has changed his name to Bunnyvas, as per reports. Another such guy is Bunny Ravi, an upcoming choreographer and a well know physical trainer in the industry circuits. Interestingly, a few other assistants of our Stylish Star are being referred with the same tag. What will they do in industry is next, while the name 'bunny' itself is like a National Award for those fanatic people.

Sultry Heroine in second FF

"BB – Love yourself" is the first fitness film shot by Bipasha Basu for all the fitness lovers. The sultry sex siren revealed all secrets to remain fit forever maintaining the sexy structure like her. Now, the Bong babe will launch her second fitness film in the form of a DVD very soon.

Busy with tight schedules, Bipasha pushed back the DVD shoot else video could have come out by now into market. True that first part of Bipasha's fitness film is selling like hot cakes and release of second will be like launching her own competitor. "This second part is completely different from first one. This will have a 60 day routine to loose the weight" says Bipasha working for the release of new DVD in July. For the moment Bollywood bombshell kept her fingers crossed for release of 'Dum Maaro Dum'.

Anushka's hot date with Star Hero

Success seems to have opened her eyes. Anushka Sharma after partying hard with 'Band Baaja Baraat' partner Ranveer Singh changed her priorities. Lip locking in public, showing deep intimacy are the gestures from Anushka towards Ranveer expressing the love. But now gorgeous girl is extremely attracted to Ranbir Kapoor, the latest heartthrob of Bollywood.

During her recent appearance on the TV shows, 'Koffee With Karan', confirmed that she completely adores Ranbir Kapoor and would love to have a hot date with him at any time. Recently Anushka invited Ranbir to a private party hosted at her own residence and that was personal one with only close friends attending. It is believed that there can be every possibility that such meeting leaded to romantic relation of two throwing away Ranveer Singh from the frame.

Arjun Palvai - The Buzz Name in Teen Maar

'Love Aaj Kal' is a beautiful romantic love story. Saif Ali Khan portrayed two different kinds of characters that displayed the change in meaning of love between two different generations. This is the key element that impressed Pawan Kalyan to go for a remake of 'Love Aaj Kal', which is coming as 'Teen Maar'.

Arjun Palvai and Michael Velayudham are the two names of two different characters of Pawan Kalyan in the flick. Including with Naga Babu, director Jayant C Paranjee, heroines Trisha and Kriti Kharbanda, every one fell in love with the role of Arjun Palvai. If internal talk of film is considered, Arjun Palvai might become the buzz name for 'Teen Maar' after the release in second week of April. This character comes as flash back episode in the film.

Sexy Actress's bikini frustration

When there are lot many heroines who never wore a bikini, why is it media speculating too much alone on Sonakshi Sinha and her sexy shapes? This one seems to be frustrating situation for Sonakshi, who is ruling the roost in Bollywood. Debuting with super duper hit 'Dabangg', the girl is flooded with many offers and her diary is completely full for next two years.

Although Sonakshi hasn't proved anything great performance wise yet producers queuing up for her is something unimaginable. The hot bodied girl wants to cash the situation pairing with top heroes Kamal Hassan and Akshay Kumar. For the moment, media is entirely focusing on her skin show. This is a pressure tight stand for Sonakshi and one has to see when will she don a bikini? Obviously Bollywood is highly competitive and we have seen many top heroines leaving the ethics to wear skimpy bikinis only to sustain in market. A frustrated Sonakshi might go for bikini at any time given extra remuneration is a…

Dil Raju's betting on Mr. Perfect

Producer Dil Raju is a clever businessman. He is experienced in dealing the movies as per their own standards. If 'Gaganam' was dealt feebly for its experimental nature, 'Brindavanam’ was highly publicized to reach the bench mark of a hit film. Now, the cine folks say 'Mr. Perfect' is made with an over budget missing the dates in all the schedules.

Apparently Prabhas shining bright with 'Darling' success is the only positive factor for Mr. Perfect to do a fair business. Inner sources say even Dil Raju appears to have lost the firm grip in film making with multitasking. While the impressive star cast of Prabhas, Kajal and Tapsee might help 'Mr. Perfect' to stay in market limelight for few days and Dil Raju is hurried to bet very low on the flick before craze fades away.

Jr NTR's Sakthi to disappoint Fans!

Sakthi movie is an ultimate product by Jr NTR and Meher Ramesh that has all the scope to unravel the records created by Ram Charan's 'Magadheera'. However, the rising expectations will be upside down if a small mistake in planning happens.

Fans and family audience are waiting for this summer treat eagerly since its audio release. The big day is said to be 30th of March and theatres across the state are also blocked for the same. As per reports, the released date can be delayed further due to the pending post-production work. Insiders disclosed that CG Work for a couple of action sequences is yet to finish. Postponing the release date is a major threat in Tollywood that can alter the fate of films.

Pawan Kalyan & Jr NTR sending shivers

The two big names of Pawan Kalyan & Jr NTR are always hazardous to play with at Box Office. Never the less there are instances when producers and distributors of these two heroes tried to give away their lives slipping away from financial burdens faced after delivering disastrous films. Off late not a single movie from these two heroes made strong impact revenue wise and sorrows continue.

Now the two movies 'Teen Maar' and 'Shakti' slated for release in coming weeks are sending shivers down the spine for exhibitors and distributors. Area wise rights of these flicks have been sold at record prices and even though these turn out to be great hits, profits made by them will be merely in small amounts. Early attention will be to make break even and then think about profits.

Pawan's Teen Maar title Controversy

PAC Chairman Nagam's irregularities exposed

Peddireddy attacks CM Kiran

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