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RK Open Heart - Posani Krishna Murali

Varun Sandesh's Heroine Doubles Remuneration

With cost cutting measures implemented by the producers council, it has become natural for the top league heroines to increase their remunerations. However, here is one girl who is yet to make her debut but has reportedly hiked her remuneration, in fact sources say she has doubled her fees.

Her name is Asmita Sood and this hot babe is making her film debut with a Tollywood project. Asmita is pairing up with Varun Sandesh in this latest movie and it will be in the direction of Eeswar (Mee Sreyobhilashi fame). While many were wondering the reason for Asmita’s hike in her fare, here is the story.

It is heard that Asmita is selected as one of the final 20 contestants for Femina Miss India competition. She has already modeled for TV commercials like Uninor, Cadbury and Big Bazaar in the past. So, if all goes well we might have a Miss India making her film debut in Tollywood. Buzz is that the producers have obliged to her price hike.

Two other TRS MLAs did cross-voting!

It is not just three MLAs from Telangana Rashtra Samithi, but two others also had resorted to cross voting in the MLC elections in the state.According to Bharatiya Janata Party spokesman N V S S Prabhakar, he had specific information that two other MLAs had resorted to cross voting in the MLC polls. However, they had given their first preferential votes for the TRS candidate and second preferential votes for the Congress candidate. It may be noted that Congress candidate Md Jani had managed to win the election only because of these second preferential votes, with a slander margin over his rival Pratibha Bharati.Now the question is who these MLAs could be and how much they had been paid to cast their votes for the Congress candidate. “Everybody is concerned only about the first preferential votes, but not the second preferential votes, which played crucial role in the victory of Congress candidate. The TRS leadership should also find out whose two MLAs were and disclose their…

Will KCR dare to take action against Harish?

When Telangana Rashtra Samithi president K Chandrasekhara Rao declared late on Saturday night that he would not hesitate to take action against even his own family members if they were found guilty of sabotaging the Telangana cause, everybody thought he was indirectly hinting at taking action against his own nephew and Siddipet MLA T Harish Rao.

KCR is strongly suspecting the hand of Harish Rao in the cross voting done by the three MLAs – K Vidyasagar Rao, Kaveti Sammaiah and E Ravinder Reddy. He is believed to have mediated the bargain between the Congress party and these three MLAs, though it is not known how much he had received for his role.

Why is Harish Rao unhappy with KCR? It is an open secret in the TRS circles that he has been sidelined in the party as KCR feels threat from Harish to the political growth of his son K T Rama Rao. In fact, KCR is like his earlier boss and Telugu Desam Party president N Chandrababu Naidu who does not allow any strong leader grow in the party.

At t…

In-Laws 'Torturing' Allu Arjun

Perhaps the best period in a man’s life is the moment he gets married and the next 6 months (we don’t have to explain what happens after that :P). While his wife is smothering him with love and passion, even the wife’s relatives tend to pamper the ‘Kottha Alludu’. Right now, our Bunny seems to be going through a torture of sorts.

It is heard that the stylish star is being fed with all sorts of Telangana delicacies like Sunni Undalu, Golichana Mamsam, Attu Thunakala Vepudu, Boda Kakarakaya koora etc. Apparently, Sneha hails from the Telangana region and her relatives are reportedly inviting Bunny for the traditional lunches and dinners.

As a result, Bunny has reportedly put on weight by another 2 kilos. So while the torture is on for a while, those who heard this say it is a ‘lovely torture’ which every man must enjoy and give a tongue-in-cheek statement that the real torture will begin later. For now, have a good time and enjoy the ‘Alludu Maryadhalu’ Bunny!!

Mahesh Babu Consuming Drugs

So far, prince Mahesh Babu has been known for his strikingly handsome looks and his share of blockbuster hit. Now, he is making headlines for another reason, drugs. Well, these are not the controversial narcotic drugs. We are talking about drugs that tend to put on good physique and shapely mass.

It is heard that they are testosterone drugs which are recommended by doctors and physical trainers. Currently, Mahesh has got into a rigorous physical fitness schedule since he would be seen bare bodied in his next film, as per sources. Buzz is that muscle will come easily with good amount of testosterone in body and hence all this.

Buzz is that all this physique is required for Mahesh’s new movie with Mani Ratnam. It is heard that this is a period flick and if all goes well, prince might be flashing his muscular frame in this movie without any covering on the top. This should be interesting…

Heroine's Sexy Sister Ready For 'Everything'

It is a common tradition to see sisters/brothers of successful heroines making their foray into film circuit with obvious connections and influence. Some of the notable examples are Aarti Agarwal, Amrita Rao, Mumaith Khan etc. Now, the time has come for yet another sister like that to make her presence felt.

Well, her name is Nisha Agarwal and this girl made her debut in the fluke hit ‘Yemaindhi Ee Vela’. Nisha is the sister of Kajal Agarwal but then that has not brought her any roles after her debut flick. Now, sources reveal Nisha is ready for adding hot and spicy flavor if she is given an offer. She says that wearing a bikini or getting into smooching scenes wouldn’t be a ‘no’ for her.

For now, she has got only ‘Solo’ with Nara Rohit. Those who saw Nisha said she possesses that uncanny sex appeal which is rare to find in heroines. So, if she manages to come up with a bold avatar in her future projects, they predict that Nisha might get past even Kajal. Let us see how this sexy siste…

Telangana Lost more than 1 Crore Crores In UAP

CPM Raghavulu health condition Worsens

KCR & Co doing Big Drama : TDP MP

Crores of Betting in YSR Dist

We voted for the official Candidate : Suspended MLAs

CPI Narayana Sensational Comments On KCR

Yoga Guru seeks immediate Telangana

MLC elections : One Lakh for one Vote

Lakshmi Manchu desires for Hot Girl!

With a successfully running television show and a couple of peculiar films, Lakshmi Prasanna Manchu made her mark in Tollywood well. Her American accent minced Telugu dialogues and a physique better than our best heroines, LP is a hot material.

Apparently, Lakshmi Manchu is looking for hot girls who can shake their body seductively. Being a bold girl, LP knows the elements of commerciality better than many producers and is looking for sex-bombs to do an item number in her upcoming flick. 'Voo Kodathaara Vulikki Padathaara' is the latest flick that has Manchu Manoj in the lead being produced by Lakshmi Manchu is the platform for this. A unit member revealed that the director and others are opposing this hot item number, despite of LP's insistence. However, LP is one such voracious girl who can get a hold of her own dreams to come true. Wait and see, to find out that lucky girl LP desires for.

Hero knows his film is trash

To mention in specific, hero Sumanth has only 'Satyam' and 'Godavari' to his solace which can be called average average or maximum hit. Lookslike, He almost forgot the basics in acting and selection of directors. Latest film 'Raaj' proved biggest dud of the year evoking senseless and bullshit criticism from media and audience.

When one would feel this could be the end of Sumanth's career in films, he had now set the eyes on a successful director and reportedly finalized a love story subject with action backdrop. Sumanth speaking about disaster of Raaj says, "More or less expected 'Raaj' to be trashed by the critics. Justifiably so! Have some making up to do…' When you know it is a trash, why to do such non sense films.

Flop Hero lobbying with 'Vamsam' Card

The moment when someone says 'Vamsam', our mindset surely divulges to a particular family of heroes. We are talking about a third generation hero of Akkineni family, who is tumbling at the Box Office. This young hero is yet to see the world with his own eyes yet.

Sushanth, the third generation hero from Akkineni family is trying relentlessly to prove his mettle in Tollywood. While acting is like eating a cake for his Grandfather and uncle, ANR and Nag, Sushanth is nowhere in match with them. With his flicks 'Kalidasu' and 'Current', the terrible shock audience received is still unforgettable. A film nagar source revealed that Sushanth is calling happening directors of Tinsel town and is using 'Vamsam' card to bag a lead role. The hero has been talking about the potential benefits of his grandpa's unflinching greatness and the craze of King Nag for the commercial propositions of the project he will be associated. Well, it's time for …

RGV taking revenge on YS Jagan???

In an excitement to make a trendsetting film, director Ram Gopal Varma has chosen a virgin topic that pushed him into many troubles. Making 'Rakta Charitra' is a real hell for this sensational guy, with many warnings and threats. A threat from Kadapa politician and businessman YS Jagan is said to be on cards for RGV again.

According to grapevine, RGV has weaved his story for RC2 in such a way that late YS Rajasekhar Reddy is the man who ordered the killing of Paritala Ravi. Insiders revealed that a serious warning from Jagan group led RGV to chop those scenes in RC2, as a Censor Board member leaked the film's content to that group. Everyone knows the trauma and drama in state after YSR's death and Jagan's plans from 'Odarpu Yatra' to 'YSR Congress Party'. Basing on all these developments, Ramu is now going to make a film titled 'Reddy Garu Poyaru', as per reports. If the film materializes, no doubt RGV will use his cinematic libe…

P Opened! D Captured! A Scared!

Struggling director VN Aditya's extra interests are proving futile at the box office. Though he is managing to grab the projects of others with his networking power, delivering proper content became a nightmare for this director. Here is an insight into his latest scary creation!

VN Aditya's latest flick with Sumanth, Priyamani and Vimala Raman in the lead bombarded at the Box Office on day one itself. The story line is proven track since the ages of ANR and Shoban Babu. However, a pale screenplay and botching direction resulted in the worst a flick can be, torturing the audience. More or less, the movie looks like a dubbed C-grade Malayalam flick with lots of skin shows by the lead girls. Priyamani presented herself to Telugu audience in a brand new look with patchy make-up and poor attires, revealing all of her prime assets without any second thought. Industry people opined that rather calling this VN Aditya's creation a film, we can simply say 'Priyamani Opened! Dire…

How Bad Is Nuclear Disaster?

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) rated the seriousness of the nuclear emergency at the Fukushima Daiichi reactors as 6 on a scale of 7. There were two more serious nucelar emergencies in the past, Three Mile Island, which was rated as 5/7, and the worst Chernobyl was rated 7/7.

Here is a comparison of the three serious nuclear emergencies in the history:

Chernobyl, near Kiev, Ukraine

Date: April 26, 1986

Scale of accident: 7 out of 7

Cause: Human error. Workers conducting a test had switched off important control systems at the plant's reactor 4 and allowed it to reach unstable, low-power conditions, according to a United Nations report.

What happened: Explosions blew the roof off the reactor and vaporized its radioactive fuel, unleashing a radiation cloud that swept across Europe and around the world. The blasts occurred while the reactor was operating at full temperature, adding energy to the explosion. Far more radioactive material was blasted, and dangerous l…

Sex domain .xxx given final approval

Internet overseer Icann has given final approval to the creation of an internet domain dedicated to pornography.The move to create a top level ".xxx" domain - similar to ".com" and ".org" - ends a 10-year battle over the virtual red-light district.Icann gave initial approval last year, but carried out further consultation checks over the application.It is now poised to sign an agreement with the ICM Registry, which is backing the domain, to make .xxx a reality.Supporters say the domain will make it easier to filter out inappropriate content.But many pornographers worry that the move could ghettoise their content. Religious groups have argued that giving pornography sites their own domain legitimises the content.Icann, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, said. "The Icann community has engaged in extensive debate as well, with this single issue generating higher volumes of community comment than nearly any other iss…

Trisha to perform at 'Teenmaar' audio launch

Trisha will scorch the stage with her sizzling dance performance at the audio release of Teenmaar. Recently, Ileana and NTR performed on stage at the audio launch of their film, Shakti. Now, Trisha has agreed to do a dance number to make the audio ceremony more eventful.

Manisharma is scoring the music for this film and the audio is to be unveiled on March 21st at Shilpa Kala Vedika in Hyderabad. Maa Movies would telecast the ceremony live.

Gopichand with director Veerabhadram Choudary

Action hero Gopichand is in plans to act in the direction of Veerabhadram Choudary, who has recently made Aha Naa Pellanta with Allari Naresh. Aha Naa Pellanta is successfully running in theaters and earned praises for the director.

Gopichand, who was impressed with the movie and the director’s abilities is said to have expressed his desire to work with Veerabhadram Choudary. As per the latest reports, the script work is currently in progress and if all goes well, the movie will start rolling its camera shortly.

Keep checking this space for more details on cast and crew of the film.

NTR, Surender Reddy’s film @ Kondapur

NTR seems to be getting quite busy with his professionalism these days. The Young Tiger has recently wrapped up the shooting part of Shakti and has immediately jumped into the sets of Surender Reddy’s film. The movie is currently being shot in Kondapur, Hyderabad.

Though Rachcha was earlier considered, Oosaravelli is the title under consideration presently. NTR will be romancing the white beauty Tamannah in the movie. This action cum love entertainer is being directed by Surender Reddy and produced by B S V N Prasad under the banner Sri Venkateshwara Cine Chitra Pvt Ltd. Devi sri Prasad is scoring the music for the film.

Shriya's item song for Manoj

Shriya Saran who was one of the top league actress in Telugu has no offers in Tollywood now. Though she did 'Don Seenu' with Raviteja, she has no lead role offers now. She is relegated to item numbers and cameo roles.She did an item song even in Pawan Kalyan's Puli.

One of the main reasons for this is also Shriya's wide mood swings. We hear she doesn't eat rice as she wants to keep herself fit and this extreme diet concious makes her mood swing too wide for producers, directors and even journalists to handle. She is most often cranky on the sets and behaves wild with the crew which is also why many refuse to cast her anymore. The fact that she slapped a lot of people, fans and picked up fights with scribes acts as a testimony to this rumour.

If sources are to be believed, Shriya has signed a movie in which Manoj is the hero. However, that is only for an item song. The movie will be directed by Anil. Deeksha Seth or Nitya Menon are likely to be Manoj's heroine in …

TDP starts counter attack on KCR

3 TRS MLAs accused of cross-voting 'Quits' party

Kidnaps & Camp Politics started in Kadapa MLC polls

Dasari gears up to target Congress!

Kiran and Babu joins hands to thwart Jagan

Kiran mulls action against Jagan Camp MLAs

Ram Charan's lubrication for her!

The milk oozing bubbly baby Tamanna spent approximately one year in Hyderabad to the delight of Allu Aravind fulfilling commitments of Geetha Arts. As Allu Arjun's 'Badrinath' and Naga Chaitanya's 'I Love You Mahalakshmi' shot Tamanna into ultimate limelight she wants to go back to Tamil Nadu on long vacation after laborious schedules of two movies.

When Tamanna's plans to temporarily leave Tollywood are on the anvil, she is noticed by Ram Charan and Sampath Nandi. These two are enticing the 'Happy Days' girl to postpone vacation and adjust the dates for 'Rachcha'. Perhaps the immensely talented girl is racing for her top position in Kollywood but Ram Charan is lubricating Tamanna with a good remuneration package which is higher than many other top heroines in Telugu. Will Tamanna accept this for Ram Charan? Let us see.

Family lady's tempting offer

Buxom beauty Priyamani has sumptuous physique and deluxe shapes. Although she is the receiver of National Award as an artist, off late her selection of movies has become shocking experiences for audience. Despite Priyamani is package of immense talent, she is centralizing the concentration on sex appeal and eroticism.

The yesterday release of 'Raaj' is actually the subject of a traditional wife of hero Sumanth. Bur director VN Aditya added bikinis, lip-locks, severe exposing to this a family lady character spoiling the essence of film. Majority of scenes in the film look like a soft porn Malayalam movie. Frankly Priyamani is purely dealing movies from remuneration point of view. To ensure her position as a good actress, sultry seductress needs to properly check the story and characters. In summation 'Raaj' is tempting offer for audience with Priyamani's luscious sex appeal attracting on posters and result is sinful.

Ileana tortures director for bikini

The dusky Goa bomb shell Ileana is finally exploding in Bollywood with 'Barfee' besides latest heartthrob Ranbir Kapoor. Undoubtedly the tall girl enjoyed great stay in South ruling the roost in Telugu and Tamil films from a long period. Even though she was receiving calls from Bollywood producers from long time, Ileana ripened to lure them and finally she is arriving.

Now, it is heard that Kajal Agarwal is also trying for a berth in Bollywood with remake of 'Yamudu'. As sources informed Ileana on possibility of tough competition from this cute face, there was no option for Ileana than to start exposing her slender assets from the first movie. Although director didn't find any necessity of donning a bikini for the character of Ileana, she was adamant torturing him to involve a bikini sequence and allow her to flaunt her sexy curves in a bikini. This is what we call Ileana’s identity crisis.

Flop Hero undergone secret surgery

Years ago heroes and heroines in film industry were natural charmers. When monopoly of few families started to evade the market, it has become a compulsion on children from these families to look handsome. Apparently Akkineni family is one such where ANR, Nagarjuna and Naga Chaitanya are considered attractive faces of Tollywood.

New generation heroes from off shoots of Akkineni family are Sumanth and Sushanth. Sumanth failed to live up to the expectations of Akkineni fans and audience as hero. On the other hand Sushanth is hardly trying to prove as an artist with support from Nagarjuna and Naga Susheela. Two days ago, Sushanth celebrated birthday before Akkineni fans and striking difference observed in his face was the adjustment of lower jaw and teeth. When tried to dig further, it was informed Sushanth has undergone a secret cosmetic surgery for second time to adjust his lower jaw. Now, he is set to do a movie with Indraganti Mohana Krishna who gave recent flop 'Gol…

Naga Chaitanya's 'bad words' on Silver Screen

'Bhootu Puraanam' is one such classified subject, where most of our filmy guys will get a masters degree easily. Soon, we are going to see the 'bad-words' of this young romantic hero on-screen. There is no chance for Censor board to reject it anyway.

Naga Chaitanya's upcoming flick with Tamanna in the lead, directed by creative guy Sukumar happens to be the arena for this. Generally, all of Sukumar's films have item-songs that are written completely with bad-words disguising under sweet poetry. Sugar laced 'bootu puraanams' like 'Aah Antey Amalapuram' and 'Ringa Ringa' in Arya series, have taken Telugu industry to next level in the world of Item Songs. It is heard that Item song in Naga Chaitanya's film is a king of these songs and even Chaitu sings some hard-hitting double meaning dialogues. Gossips mills quoted that Priyamani is going to shake a leg with Naga Chaitanya! Wait and See.

Colors Swathi saved from 'Shiva'

Wondered who this 'Shiva' is! When Colors Swathi wanted to make big in Tollywood, many offers flowed her way before being just rejected by this cute sexy babe. At that time, a combo offer from maverick film maker Ram Gopal Varma is just like a 'cool drink' found in African desert for Swathi.

The fate of 'KSD Appalraju' is known already and surely takes Swathi's career no where. However, Swathi was miraculously out of 'Dongala Mutha', where one of the characters 'Shiva' was supposed to be played by her. RGV roped in Lakshmi Manchu to enact the role which bears his first movie's name. Lakshmi's role in this all-time low budgeted flick never got rapt attention apart from negative reviews. No doubt, Swathi's escape of wearing the 'Shiva' shoes is a saving grace for her deteriorating career graph.

Ram Charan praises Jr NTR

The box office fights on screen between Mega and Nandamuri families will be never ending ones. When they come off screen, Chiranjeevi and Balakrishna are best buddies and same friendly relations are developing between Ram Charan and Jr NTR. New example to explain the plain mentality of these two star heroes is with title 'Rachcha'.

Sampath Nandi director of 'Yemaindi Ee Vela' narrated the story and with the title of 'Rachcha' for first time to Ravi Teja. When dates of Mass Raja became a hurdle, same was transferred to Ram Charan. In between time, Jr NTR and Surender Reddy's film is launched with the same title of 'Rachcha'. Officially Sampath registered it on a producer’s name and Surender Reddy was on back foot. If sources are to be believed, Jr NTR decided not to make nuisance on title and transferred it safely back to Ram Charan's movie. Knowing this Ram Charan is praising Jr for his big heart.

Nagarjuna pulling back his son

If one wants to taste the insane mental outlook of Ram Gopal Varma and his cheap opinion on Telugu audience, try to catch 'Dongala Mutha'. You will be surprised of his degrading standards. As people are gradually loosing the impression on brand RGV, here is the first aftermath effect of 'Dongala Mutha'.

Naga Chaitanya and Nagarjuna who had good faith on Ram Gopal Varma's technicalities were jaw dropped by paltry marketing techniques used for 'Dongala Mutha'. Although movie was a disaster with commercial success guaranteed, Nagarjuna is believed that image of RGV is severely beaten. At this juncture accepting 'Bezawada Rowdeelu' for Naga Chaitanya will be a suicidal attempt. To save his son from the clutches of RGV, it is gossiped that Nagarjuna pulled back Naga Chaitanya from 'Bezawada Rowdeelu'.

I won't dissapoint my fans:Sushanth

Akkineni Nagarjuna's nephew Sushanth who celebrated his birthday on Friday in Annapurna studios claimed that his first two films Kaalidaasu and Current were a disappointment and that he won't let down his fans this time.

He is currently working in a film directed by Indraganti Mohanakrishna. Sushanth revealed that he deliberately took a break because he wanted to do sensible cinema even if it is late and hence was waiting for the right project to come his way.

"My first two films didn't meet the expectations of my fans.This time I will not disappoint them. I therefore took a break and waited for the right project to come my way. Working with Indraganti Mohanakrishna was a learning experience. Once I suceed as a hero, I will start working in movies produced by other production houses" Sushanth said.

Sushanth's grandfather Akkineni Nageswara Rao, Indraganti Mohanakrishna, Sushanth's mother Naga Susheela, Chintalapudi Srinivasa Rao et al were prese…

Director Teja's younger son died

Director Teja's three-year-old son died in a private hospital in Hyderabad on Saturday morning (March 19, 2011). The young kid was born with a rare disease and had been going through treatment since his birth. Teja took him to the best hospitals in the world including China, but the little boy's condition deteriorated further this week and he had his last breath this morning.

We offer our deep condolences to Teja and his family.