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Aparanji Episode 182 (Mar 15)

Devatha Episode 569 (Mar 15)

Jagan's Secret Behind March 12th!!

Finally, the much awaited event took place when Y S Jaganmohan Reddy announced the formation of YSR Party and he also unveiled the flag at Idupulapaya. However, what caught the attention of many was the date March 12th. They were not sure as to why Jagan chose that date and what the significance is.

Well, here is the tidbit from a source. It is heard that March 12th is the birthday of Varsha, daughter of Y S Jagan. Incidentally, while daddy Jagan was busy with his political movement, the birthday baby was reportedly having a fun time with nearly 40-50 children by indulging in moulding clay pots.

Given the magnitude of Jagan’s events, Varsha’s birthday celebrations were rather low key but for a man who is determined to challenge the very high command, his attachment with his little one has found appreciations. Let us wait and see if lady luck smiles on Jagan or not.

What's Happening In Chiranjeevi's Family?

First the eldest daughter of Chiranjeevi (Sushmitha) loved Udaya Kiran against to the wish of elders and also got engaged. No one knows why that marriage didn’t take off. Sushmitha got married to some other person after a while.

After that 2nd daughter Srija eloped with Sirish Bharadwaj in cinematic way and married in Arya Samaj. She also called TV channels and said that his father and paternal Uncle Pawan Kalyan are giving life threat for her. But now she filed a case against Sirish Bharadwaj, her husband.

On the other hand Ram Charan is also drowned in deep love with Upasana Kamineniof Apollo Group. Chiranjeevi's latest comments on Ram Charan are strengthening this gossip.

But film nagar circles say that Pawan Kalyan is the main reason behind this indiscipline in Chiranjeevi's family. Pawan deserted his wife and started live-in relation with Renu Desai without divorcing the first wife. He also gave birth to a son through Renu Desai. Sources say that this indiscipl…

Hot Young Lady's 'No' To Old Heroes

Usually, whenever a new heroine comes and starts causing sensation, she will mostly be gunning to grab the attention of the big superstars. However, it appears that Nithya Menon has got different ideas when it comes to pairing up with old heroes. Well, here are few details on this.

Sources say that Nithya Menon has been advised to stay away from pairing up with old heroes like Venkatesh, Nagarjuna, Nandamuri Balakrishna, Rajasekhar and even Pawan Kalyan. Apparently, cine folks reveal that this advice was given to Nithya by the lady director Nandini Reddy.

Grapevine is that Nandini cautioned Nithya to stay away from the veteran four otherwise her career will be doomed.

Amrutham - Evaridhi Varike (Mar 15)

No.23 Mahalakshmi Nivasam Episode 54 (Mar 15)

Rakthasambandham Episode 337 ( Mar 15)

Mogali Rekulu Episode 799 (Mar 15)

Sundarakanda Episode 336 (Mar 15)

Kotha Bangaram Episode 291 (Mar 15)

Revanth's controversial comments on YSR's Father

Ram Charan bashed Sirish Bharadwaj

Physical training of Ram Charan in Barter's Gym (Miami) has come helpful for his sister Srija in bashing up Sirish Bharadwaj. The latest buzz in tinsel town is criminal cases filed by Srija on husband Sirish Bharadwaj on the charges of dowry harassment and dowry prohibition act.

Apparently, Srija stayed away from husband last one week when he started abusing with a demand to bring Rs.50 Lakhs as dowry from father Chiranjeevi. The point of suspicion is Sirish and his mother assaulted Srija physically that made Ram Charan to rage in fire and shiver ferociously with anger. The young blood of Cherry and affection towards his sister needlessly boiled resulting in a cruel warning. Gossipmongers say Ram Charan called Sirish over phone last night issuing a fatal threat and bashed him with un-parliamentary words that fell like lump in his throat. It would be better if Sirish stays away from Mega Fans too.

Chinna Kodalu Episode 142 (Mar 15)

Old Heroine breaks down before Co-star

Sizzling beauty Madhu Bala(Mani Ratnam's Roja fame) is a true performer who delivered wonderful movies in the past. She is all set to rivet our memories with a mighty comeback through prestigious Rajshri Productions film 'Love You Mr. Kalakar', which will also have Amrita Rao and Tusshar Kapoor.

During the shoot of an emotional scene, Madhu Bala broke down before her co-star Ram Kapoor. Apparently story is that, Ram Kapoor has to scream his lines very angrily at Madhu Bala as per a scene. When the shot was started, Ram went so deep into the character behaving rude. Instantly actress went on crying before camera even though Ram exclaimed that all it was done for the sake of scene. Never the less Ram expressed apologizes to Madhu Bala for what has happened but she said it was fine and camera caught her genuine reaction.

Wonder that actors of new generation are performing effortless and flawlessly natural before cameras. Their deep involvement in work is receiving applauses eve…

CBI enquiry on YS Jagan's assets

Babu's 'Counter' - Kiran's 'Encounter'

Death threat to YS Jagan

Sonia Gandhi is my mom : Kashmiri Girl

D Srinivas blasts KCR

Jayasudha's 'cat on wall' act

Jagan Vs Rosaiah @ Chirala

Botsa gives shock to Babu

YS Jagan under attack

T- Congress MLAs fearing attack from Telanganites

Congress MLA caught in land scam

Congress MLAs & Ex-Minister dump Kiran, backs Jagan

Rajamouli challenges Music Director!

The best combination of director and music composer would do wonders for a film. SS Rajamouli and MM Keeravani stands best example of understanding and rapport between two technicians. Rajamouli visualizes exactly the same as what his brother thinks. Till now, every film in their combination is a blockbuster musically and commercially.

The experimental flick of 'Eega' with one animated character as hero and some other live characters has become a challenge for both. Rajamouli as a technican already pre-visualized entire movie and narrated it to Keeravani asking to compose three songs, gripping background for film. Moods and situations in this kind of flicks are totally different, novelistic from regular movies. Keeping the expectations, new thought process of Rajamouli in mind, Keeravani took 'Eega' as a challenge to his receptivity. What remains to be seen is how far music magician reached the outlook of screen magician.

K-Brahmi is greedy than T-Brahmi

The inhuman side of Brahmanandam in Tollywood is already seen. The way he tortures junior artists enjoying luxury at the cost of dying producers has become a big debate in film circles. Image and respect of Brahmi goofed up in media. One more top comedian equivalent to status of Brahmanandam in Kollywood is Vadivelu, known for slapstick comedy on screen is becoming unbearable personality in Tamilnadu.

Vadivelu seems to be greedy than Brahmanandam. After his repeated battles to succeed as hero, he tried to launch his son and failed. He is back to settle the scores with a new film 'Ulagam' that is made in three South Indian languages with a budget that can compete with any super star film. Vadivelu will be seen in 25 different getups. Itching of this black comedian has become a problem for producer and director.

Vadivelu is forcing director to feature his name in the movie credits as screenplay writer and lyricist. Apparently, he is known for fingering in all departm…

kalyana Tilakam Episode 299 (Mar 15)

Arundhathi Episode 210 (Mar 15)

Raviteja hates Balakrishna!!!

Cold war between Balakrishna and Raviteja is considered to have begun long time ago on a silly issue which continued to Sankranthi Box Office wars. Although both these star heroes exchange hugs, pleasantries before public but insiders say this is all a show filled with hatred in their hearts. In fact Balakrishna appreciates hard working people, but never likes those who show starry tantrums. This is cited as the reason for clash between the two.

Apparently, Nandamuri hero is against Mass Maharaja and even trampled him few years ago. Taking this as matter of prestige, Raviteja offered death blows to Balakrishna continuously in Sankranti occasions. In a fresh instance insiders say Andhra Amitabh advised Charmi during 'Dongala Mutha' shooting not to care about offers, insisting her not to act with Balakrishna in new movies which would lead her career into doldrums. Having known this Balayya expressed his anger before his close aides.