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Asin goes wild for 'S'

Heroines are physique and beauty conscious. Maintaining a strict diet without upsetting the stomach will be their daily routine. Asin is not an isolation and she too is alert about the food habits but not in the company of Salman Khan.

Recent incident of Asin chewing the insects during the shooting of her upcoming film 'Ready' in Thailand is indigestible for readers. It was heard that Salman Khan goaded Asin to munch an insect that was crawling on the tree in the shooting location somewhere in the interiors of Bangkok forests. Source further adds that other Thai guys in the crew collected these insects in buckets for a delicious breakfast. Having known this, Salman insisted Asin to try one insect holding one crawly in his hand. Asin without hesitation took it and put into her mouth chewing. While the crew members were floored and awestruck; others said, such was the wildness of Asin towards Salman Khan.

Telugu Anchor's middle finger @ Midnight

Interestingly, this matured anchor is trying to explore her voluptuous best with her midnight program on a popular Telugu channel. Famous for her chubby thigh show in micro minis, the girl literally squeezes money from viewers cell phones, with that stupid puzzle show.

Apparently, this sexy beauty has shown her 'middle finger' to a bunch of guys at midnight, but not on-screen. A couple of drinks made this girl behave dirty on the roads near a famous pub in Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad the other day. When a couple of enthusiastic guys tried to talk with her, the answer was simply a raised 'middle finger' complimented with a shout, saying F**** Off. The guys had taken that seriously, as a dirty-talk from a girl always makes many men go crave for her. Finally, police had intervened in the climax scene as usual and summoned both the parties, before the anchor was picked by another sexy drunken girl. Guess her name!

Actress offered Rs 15 lakhs for prostitution

Sex and glamour world are mutually co-operative. One may accept or may not but its truth that many actresses in films will be available for a high price to share the night on bed with rich men. These lucrative deals may not have any proofs and those who participate will end up with enormous satisfaction with no complaints.

One such small Bollywood actress tried by a pimp to pull her in prostitution trap openly came before media to share her feelings recently. She is small time starlet Mink Singh, who has done item songs in Telugu with Venkatesh and also some Bollywood deals.

She had been getting the calls from middlemen for one night stay in a star hotel with some businessmen for an awesome payment. "Initially the pimp introduced himself as coordinator in fixing the modeling deals for a sari brand. Later on he offered me 10 lakhs for a sari ad and some time later, he wanted to have a frank talk with me. Then came the one night prostitution deal …

Jr NTR failed over Ram Charan

The extensive publicity and increasing anticipations of public on 'Shakti' are sending shivers down the spine for Jr NTR and director Meher Ramesh. Although there is four weeks of time for the release of movie, expectations are mounting high and obvious comparisons with 'Magadheera' are making more noise in market.

One of the positive pulling factors for 'Magadheera' was Ram Charan's impeccable horse riding skills, which were wonderfully utilized by SS Rajamouli canning the best ever horse chasing shots in world cinema. Perhaps story of 'Shakti' has basis in Egypt’s ancient times combined with fiction backdrop. The cine folks say that best available way to heighten Jr NTR in 'Shakti' with the given story and locations would be to explore the unseen horse riding skills in young tiger. Till today none of directors attempted Jr NTR on a horse.

Though trailers and visuals does not show a single shot of Junior NTR driving a horse. In spite he is se…

Shriya clean bowled by the in-swinger

The hot relation brews between cricket and cinema is an age old secret in India. Many cricketers in India maintained secret relations with glamorous heroines and some others made them official life partners. The play boy cricketer in present Indian cricket squad is fast bowler Sreesanth popularized for affairs with hot glamour babes.

Talks about blossoming romance between Sreesanth and sexy Shriya Saran may be an outdated one and either of them might have categorically rejected. Here is the news from a popular Telugu source that Shriya is itching to go for a hot relation again with Sreesanth as soon as he is informed to be a member in playing eleven for World Cup. Clean bowled by the in-swinger from this fast bowler, Shriya is planning to attend the forthcoming World Cup matches to encourage him and also build the new affair. What remains to be seen is how Sreesanth reacts to Shriya's open offer.

'Slumdog Millionaire' child loses home in fire

'Slumdog Millionaire' child actor Rubina Ali’s home has burned down in a fire that raged through a crowded slum in the wee hours of Saturday at suburban Bandra in Mumbai.

Rubina Ali shot to international fame for the role of young Latika in Danny Boyle’s Oscar-winning film Slumdog Millionaire, watched helplessly as their home in the crowded slum went up in flames.

"We all were at home watching TV, when a neighbour came to alert us about the fire. We all rushed out. We spent the entire night at the railway station. We only have a few clothes left. My pictures at the Oscars, all my memories, are all gone. We have lost everything. So far nobody has come to help us," the 12-year-old child artiste said.

The fire broke out near Bandra railway station on Friday after which 34 fire engines and 16 jumbo water tankers were rushed to the spot. The exact cause of the fire has not been established but initial reports say five gas cylinders exploded in the slums due to which the fire…

Chiru song in Pawan Kalyan's Teenmaar!

Power star Pawan Kalyan's forthcoming film "Teenmaar" is going to have many interesting things especially for Mega fans. It is a remake of Bollywood's hit film "Love aaj kal". Trisha is playing the female lead role. Kriti Kharbanda is playing an important role.

As per the reports Bollywood beauty Deepika Padukone is going to shake the legs with Pawan Kalyan in an item number in Teenmaar.

The latest buzz is that this film is also going to has the remix version of Megastar Chiranjeevi’s all time hit song ‘Chiluka Kshemama’ from ‘Rowdy Alludu' movie.

It is being directed by Jayant C Paranjee and Ganesh Babu is producing the film on Parameshwari Arts banner. Mani Sharama is scoring the music.
The film audio is expected to release in March first week and the movie will release in end of the March.

Rana's hot bedroom scenes!

Tollywood young hero Daggubabti Rana, who debuted in Tollywood with the film Rana is also debuting into Bollywood with the film Dum Maro Dum, in that film Bollywood's sexy siren Bipasha Basu is playing the female lead opposite to Rana. As per the sources from Mumbai director Rohan Sippy shot some steamy love scenes and hot bed room scenes on Rana and Bipasha Basu. Tollywood Producer Suresh Babu, who is also the father of hero Rana watched those scenes it seems and he was angry on Rana for acting in such a hot scenes with Bipasha.

Heroine ready for seduction

She is worth the material to offer pleasure for any rock material in men. The high energy packed in her voluptuous assets is a full guarantee of satisfaction for audience and that is the reason her Tamil Fans built a temple for this sex goddess. She is none other than buxom babe Namitha.

Apparently, Namitha is seen selecting some meaty roles in her last films getting seduced by young boys or linking affairs with colleagues out of temptation and necessity. The thrilling moments she is portraying on the screen are not pleasing the audience totally. As per the requests from Tamil Fans, Namitha is going for an overdosed eroticism in other way. Instead of getting seduced by others, Namitha wants to seduce them in return. She expressed her readiness to directors in this regard while artists are feared of becoming 'Appadam' crushing beneath her heavy weight properties.

Allu Sirish Reveals Pawan Kalyan Secret

Many have been wondering why Pawan Kalyan was not seen in Allu Arjun’s ‘pelli koduku function’ or ‘sangeet’ event. Some opined that he must be busy abroad in some shooting but others have bitten ears stating that there are some family clashes between Pawan Kalyan, Nagababu and Chiranjeevi. Although Nagababu was not seen in the event his wife and son were seen with smiling faces.

But supporting the suspicions on family clashes in Chiru family, Allu Sirish gave a tweet like this.

“Kalyan is very private, doesn’t attend too many functions. We invited him though. Assured he will come for the wedding..”

That means Pawan Kalyan bunked the events intentionally. What is the point of ‘Kalyan is very private’? Is Mahesh Babu not a privacy loving guy? Venkatesh also appears hardly in public functions. But they have attended the event. It is needless to say that Chiru family is failing to project family unity in many occasions.

Lux Papa Became Sex Papa

One may not know Mayuri or Asha Saini but none can forget 'lux papa'. Asha Saini aka Mayuri became famous with her 'lux papa' song in Narasimha Naidu and with the fame she got by that, she bagged many side-heroine roles in big films and main heroine roles in small films successively. Later she was trapped in a passport case and other unwanted cases.

Now the biggest advantage for Asha Saini is her figure. She is looking hot as she looked in lux papa song. She danced in a few item songs in the films 'Paramanandayya Sishyula Katha', 'Comedy Express', 'Broker' and 'Chattam'.

She is enticing audiences with her dances and on the other way exciting directors, producers and financiers by escorting them, say sources.

Sexy Actress Addicted To Alcohol ??

It is a common habit to have tea or coffee in the morning as soon as we wake up but in high society, having two or three pegs before going to bed has become the common habit. Especially in the cinema industry this has become a very common fad and there is hardly any teetotaler in the circuit. As the famous saying goes “Aaru Nellu Saavaasam Chesthe Vallu Veellu Ayyaarata” (spending time with a person for six months will make you like that person). That’s why the drinking habit that heroes have got usually tends to spread to the heroines as well.

Usually heroines tend to give ‘company’ to heroes in many matters and now that includes drinking as well. What starts as a fun time company eventually turns out to be a habit and becomes an addiction in no time. The legendary actress Savitri got addicted to alcohol and that’s what gave her a miserable death during her last stages. The reason why we are telling you all this is, reliable sources reveal that the ‘Goa Palakova’ Ileana has become add…

CCL T20 Match: South Vs Mumbai 2

CCL T20 Match: South Vs Mumbai 1