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Complaint against 14 TV programmes

Popular toon show 'Shin Chan', coverage of the then Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y S Rajashekhara Reddy's death and sundry reality television shows were among the 14 programmes against whom the Information and Broadcasting Ministry received complaints for depicting violence, obscenity and vulgarity.

New age reality TV shows, 'Emotional Atyahchar' on Bindass, 'Splitsville-3' on MTV, 'Chintamani' and 'Big Screen' showing obscene visuals on TV 5, telecast of nude images of tennis player 'Serena Williams' on NDTV, telecast of misadventures of which shown visuals of a man lying naked with Sushi spread on him on Fox channel were among the programmes.

'Life Sketches' which denigrate women on Jai Hind TV, 'Shin Chan' on Hungama showing indecent and obscene content and soap opera 'Tere Liye' containing vulgar remarks likely to be offensive against one community are some of the other programmes.

Ram Charan kicks on the back of Jr NTR

The sudden stalling of prestigious 'Merupu' created flutters in Mega circles and future of Ram Charan became a big question mark. One can call it frustration and others a clever step but Ram Charan is decided to go forward with director Sampath Nandi('Yemaindi Ee Vela' fame) for his next project.

Insiders report is, Sampath got hold of this mass story by registering the title 'Rachcha' in film chamber. Apparently, Sampath was interested in advancing the project with Ram Charan but the title was almost on the stage of theft by Jr NTR for his under production flick in direction of Surender Reddy.

Although Sampath Nandi has not confirmed on the sacrificing of title for Jr NTR and twist of destiny is that Ram Charan putting the pressure on director not to surrender 'Rachcha' to Jr NTR. This makes Ram Charan and Jr NTR fighting for the same title while Mega Power Star is on the advantageous side with Sampath, this might cause a set back to Young Tiger.

Heroine secret affair with TV Channel Head!

The sultry Bollywood actress Vidya Balan is ready to get engaged with UTV head Siddharth Roy. After too many gossips around Vidya's affairs with Sanjay Dutt and Shahid Kapoor, thehead honcho of UTV impressed her. Apparently both have come close few weeks ago spending a night at awards function in Singapore and recently they were spotted in casual attires at a popular beach destination in India.

Siddharth is married already but fighting for a divorce legally. This could be the reason Vidya Balan is not interested in leaking the news to media running the affair secretly. They have been going steady as a couple for long now. Vidya is popular with stellar performances in Ishqiya, Paa and is getting bolder with Silk Smitha biopic 'The Dirty Picture'.

Although Vidya’s secretary rubbished the news saying, “one doesn't necessarily marry people one is friendly to or has dinners with.” It is to be observed from Vidya Balan’s view point, so just wait and watch if any thing gets fi…

Telugu Man Creating Sensation In US Government

Lately, the word back-office has set a negative tone in the Obama administration in the US and outsourcing has been curbed to a large extent. But here is one man who is currently part of the back-office circuit right there in the US and he happens to be a Telugu man.

His name is Kumar Rachuri and he is the CIO of Ohio Shared Services Centre wherein government employees are working on business functions like accounts payable, travel reimbursement, call center services, imaging and vendor paperwork. Incidentally, Kumar was the man who designed the technology backbone for the organization and this is called Ohio Administrative Knowledge System. Due to this, a total of 14 state agencies have now been brought under a single roof.

With this idea, Rachuri has managed to bring down the cost of one invoice from $33 to $12 and he is hoping to get it to $6 in the future. Residing at Ohio, Kumar has Ronn Kolbash as his associate and now Ronn has gone to Yale University to expand this concept while …

Court case against Infosys in USA

An American employee of Infosys has filed a case against the company accusing it of visa and tax fraud.

In his complaint filed before an Alabama court early this week, one Jack Palmer said he worked for Infosys "as a Principal — enterprise solutions" since August 2008.

In his-13 page complaint, he alleged that Infosys sent lower level and unskilled foreigners to the US to work in full-time positions at its customer sites in direct violation of immigration laws.

He claimed that Infosys was paying these employees in India for full-time work in the United States without withholding federal or state income taxes, and overbilled customers for the labor costs of these employees.

After the federal government restricted the H-1B program, in 2009, Palmer claimed, he was sent to Bangaluru, for planning meetings.

Asked for its reaction, the Infosys declined to comment. "We are unable to comment as the matter is under litigation" Infosys spokesperson said over phone from Bangalore.

Homosexuals Protest against TV9 Channel

Members of the homosexual, bisexual, and transgender community today staged a peaceful demonstration in front of a local Telugu TV channel office here seeking an apology for telecasting a 'sting operation' on homosexuals which, they said, contained defamatory comments.

Taking a leaf out of the 'Gandhigiri' mode of protest in the film Lage Raho Munnabhai, NGOs like Suraksha and Expressions placed some letters and flowers outside the TV channel's office at Banajara Hills, a participant said.

"Over 60 members of the LGBT community and other people assembled before the TV office this evening and held a peaceful protest seeking the TV channel's apology over broadcast of the programme," the participant said. "We also handed over a representation to the staff of the channel against the reportage."

According to the representation, the programme (a sting operation by the TV channel) contained several defamatory comments targeting the homosexual communit…

Genes - Hero Srikanth & Comedian Sivaji Raja (February 26)

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