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Rakthasambandham Episode 325 ( Feb 25)

Arundhathi Episode 198 (Feb 25)

Amrutham - Kshoura Sagara Madanam (Feb 25)

Jagapathi Babu's Remuneration: 2 Full Bottles

How much could actor Jagapathi Babu have charged for his role “Bandagi” in “Jai Bolo Telangana?”One does not know exactly what Jagapathi Babu is charging for his films these days. Perhaps, he might have charged a couple of lakhs from producer-director Shankar as he has made only a special appearance in the film. However, after watching the movie and the way Jagapathi Babu’s character was designed, a Telangana journalist sarcastically commented that Shankar might have given him just a couple of full bottles of liquor: one for the appearance before interval and the other for his after-interval appearance.Well, everybody knows Jagapathi Babu boozes a little heavily. And nothing would satisfy him more than booze. Perhaps, Shankar might have capitalized on it, the journo was commenting, of course, over a couple of drinks in Press Club!

Kajal Dumped Cherry??

While working in ‘Magadheera’, Kajal was just an upcoming heroine. That’s why she jumped in joy when she bagged the offer and was desperate to have an affair with the film’s hero Ramcharan Tej. Just like the way Ramcharan’s range increased after ‘Magadheera’ even Kajal’s range as a heroine increased. The affair between both went smoothly.

Due to the love he had for Kajal, Charan who spent several lakhs on his pet horse named her ‘Kajal’. Not only that, he ensured ‘Pyari’ Kajal would be the leading lady for ‘Merupu’. But with the super debacle of ‘Orange’, Ramcharan’s mega stardom got a big blow. The big budget ‘Merupu’ went to the shade. Kajal who allotted her call sheets to ‘Merupu’ transferred them to another film.

Now, it is heard that Kajal has reduced her friendship with Ramcharan and is avoiding him completely. Sources say she is not responding to Charan’s SMSes and calls. Like the Telugu saying goes “Pilli guddidaithe eluka edo chupinchindhi (if the cat is blind th…

'Something' Between Charmee And Manoj??

They have not acted together in any films. Devisri Prasad has not composed music for any of their films. But the film ‘Political Rowdy’ which was produced by Mohan Babu had Charmee in it and Manchu Vishnu did a guest role in that.

In one of the press meets at that time, Mohan Babu stated that Vishnu is eyeing Charmee and added that once when he was checking Charmee’s new phone, he saw a strong love message coming from Vishnu. Now, we don’t know how this love transferred from Vishnu to Manoj but right now, both Manoj-Charmee have become best friends. It is known news that Charmee has been keeping Devisri Prasad at a distance since she realizes that an affair with him is more of a loss than benefit.

It is heard that Manoj who was seen as the chief guest for the audio release of Charmee’s ‘Mangala’ is in regular touch with the charming girl. It is also heard that he is giving advices, suggestions to Charmee in her career. The highlight is, Charmee has managed a role in ‘Donga…

Allu Aravind Troubling Naga Babu's Son

There is a talk in the cine circles that Allu Aravind is one man who is cut-throat, shrewd and means business at all times. While that may have been understood if he was dealing with someone outside the family, the latest news is raising the eyebrows of many and they are surprised and shocked.

Well, a source very close to the mega family has revealed that Naga Babu is having a tough time trying to get his son Varun Tej to make his debut. The reason for that is Allu Aravind’s politics, as per the source. It is heard that Allu has influenced Chiranjeevi which in turn is putting a break to Varun’s entry.

The talk is that Allu Aravind is already feeling a bit unsettled about the presence of Ramcharan Tej since it has given a hiccup to his son Allu Arjun’s career. On the other hand, Varun has got the right kind of frame and looks which suits a hero material so the fear is he might overtake the rest in the mega family. Hence the trouble is by Allu Aravind, as per sources.

RGV Test

Heroines' 'Hot-Hot' With Fitness Trainers

Earlier, fitness was a fetish for heroines but today it is mandatory if they are planning for a career in the cinema circuit. The trend picked up in Bollywood and it reached Tollywood. Now, the point is about the heroines and their fitness trainers. Sources say that there is a special ‘connection’ between the starlets and their mentors.

Apparently, the instructors know each and every part of the heroine’s body and focus on which part has to be worked on to get that extra oomph and sex appeal. Many quote that the chance of experiencing carnal pleasures goes high in this relationship.

Usually a similar talk comes on costume designers also but then, a costume designer spends only few moments. On the other hand, a fitness trainer has a very personal time with the ladies. Few cine folks say this is a fad among few Bollywood heroines. Folks like Manish Advilkar, Chaurasia, Rahul Bhatt are the most sought after trainers in the circuit. Well, few say there is nothing to question or worry when b…

Prematho Mee Lakshmi - Allu Arjun - Episode 3 (Feb 24)

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Prematho Mee Lakshmi
The ‘Lakshmi Talk Show’ returns in a fresh-new look as ‘Prematho Mee Lakshmi’, on [date] this time on ETV. In the first season, the show had earned the highest TRP ratings ever for a Telugu program across all channels.
As a genre-changer in the entertainment industry, the first season was engaging, heartening & fun! While I met celebrities from all facets of life, they were showcased from a refreshing perspective – serious & light-hearted, delightful, endearing & heart-warming at the same time. The whole show is about celebrities saying & doing things viewers won’t experience anywhere else! I ask questions that no one has ever asked them before. They laughed, got embarrassed, got serious, revealed themselves, had fun and sometimes there were even tears.
And before we knew it, the show became a runaway hit! That is when we as the makers realized that this one-hour program became more than just a talk show. It became a mis…

Youth Betting Heavily On Cricket World Cup

New Delhi: Students and young adults in Delhi have topped the list of those betting the most on the ongoing cricket World Cup with the money of the wagers ranging anything between Rs.15,000 to Rs.80,000, said a study by an industry chamber.

 Around 2,500 young adults were a part of the survey conducted by the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (Assocham), under the aegis of Social Development Foundation, in seven major cities including Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Bangalore. "School and college kids are seeing the world cup as a windfall chance to make some quick money... (They) are even selling off their personal belongings to bet on their favourite teams and players," said Assocham secretary general D.S. Rawat. Delhi is closely followed by Mumbai where the amount of bets range between Rs.10,000 to Rs.60,000 and Chandigarh Rs.10,000 to 40,000. Hyderabad is betting the least at Rs. 500 to 10,000 on a match.

 According to the survey, the exhilaration of g…