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Bharyamani - Episode 564

Chandra Mukhi - Episode 1045

Chinna Kodalu Episode 120 (Feb 11)

Manasu Mamatha - Episode 11

Thoorpu Padamara - Episode 431

Puttadi Bomma - Episode - 334

Mahabharatam - Episode - 52

Arundhathi Episode 188 (Feb 11)

Jagadeeswari - Episode 169

Prema Mandiram - Episode 1033

Aakasa Ganga - Episode 281

Anthahpuram - Episode 584

Aadade Aadhram - Episode 484

Abhishekam - Episode 639

Kittu Bittu Episode 13

Kittu Bittu Episode 12

Kittu Bittu Episode 11

Kittu Bittu Episode 10

Kittu Bittu Episode 9

Kittu Bittu Episode 8

Kiitu Bittu Episode 6

Kittu Bittu Episode 5

Kittu Bittu Episode 4

Kittu Bittu Episode 3

Kittu Bittu Episode 2

Kittu Bittu Episode 1

Bammagari Kathalu Episode 5

Abheera Animated Serial Episode 23 (Maa Tv)

Chitti Kathala Chintu Episode 11

Chitti Kathala Chintu Episode 10

Chitti Kathala Chintu Episode 9

PRP Congress MLAs meeting in Visakhapatnam

Ex-TTD chairman caught in corruption

Super Singer 6 - Episode 8

Sindhuram Episode 85

Sivaranjani Episode 133

Maa Pasalapudi Kathalu Episode 19

Bhanu Dairy II - New Secrets Revealed

Gali Muddu Krishnama Naidu fire on Sonia Gandhi

DS Special report to Sonia Gandhi

MP Killi Kruparani Injured in Road Accident

SI misbehaves with lady at temple

Lady don robs household articles

Midday News Headlines

Controversy of illegal affair in Karimnagar

Are Jeevitha Rajasekhar maintaining gap with Jagan group ?

Why high command is not taking any action on Konda Surekha ?

Effects on PRP ministers due to Chiru`s decision

AP Roundup in 90 sec

Police ready to arrest Singanamala Ramesh

Aadi keshavlu naidu anantha swarnamayam Scam

Aadi keshavlu naidu Scams in TTD

Regional News Headlines

Twenty20 news

Venkatesh launched Film Personalities Dairy

Morning news headlines

Colors - NTR with Swathi

Colors - Prabhudeva with Swathi

Colors - Raviteja with Swathi

Colors - Srikanth with swathi

Colors - Vishnu with Swathi

Ram Gopal Varma 5 days movie Dongala Mutha Started.

Brahmi veera

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President Brahmi

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Brahmi Baba

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Prematho Mee Lakshmi - Chandra Babu Naidu - Episode 1 (Feb 10)

Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4
Prematho Mee Lakshmi
The ‘Lakshmi Talk Show’ returns in a fresh-new look as ‘Prematho Mee Lakshmi’, on [date] this time on ETV. In the first season, the show had earned the highest TRP ratings ever for a Telugu program across all channels.
As a genre-changer in the entertainment industry, the first season was engaging, heartening & fun! While I met celebrities from all facets of life, they were showcased from a refreshing perspective – serious & light-hearted, delightful, endearing & heart-warming at the same time. The whole show is about celebrities saying & doing things viewers won’t experience anywhere else! I ask questions that no one has ever asked them before. They laughed, got embarrassed, got serious, revealed themselves, had fun and sometimes there were even tears.
And before we knew it, the show became a runaway hit! That is when we as the makers realized that this one-hour program became more than just a talk show. It became a mission –…