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Gay Heroes increasing in Tollywood!!!

Whether anyone believes it or not, one thing is true that Gay heroes are increasing a lot in Film Industries and Tollywood is no exception. These are words stated by a top league heroine who is about to disappear from the tinsel town soon.

The sexy damsel revealed much more about this young and handsome hero. Though he is not having any good flicks to his credit other than that single blockbuster made by a creative director. Many party-goers too shared that this hero spends a lot of time with boys rather than chilling out with girls. There are also a bunch of other small heroes from Tollywood who are almost gay. It is also heard that this bunch is the main user of drugs and other 'kick' giving stuff. The news is not only scaring eligible girls but also the producers who have invested lot of money on these heroes. To finish up, these heroes are slowly marrying beautiful and rich girls but still doing their 'gay' acts in the dark. Dear heroes! where are we heading?

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Hot Singer Is Officially Divorced!

She may be a singer but she is the dream of many men. There are those who say when she speaks, it is like sitting inside the bedroom during first night and talking to the bride. That's the heat she generates with her voice and looks. She is none other than singer Sunitha and here is something about her personal life.

It is heard that Sunitha has given divorce to her husband Kiran officially. Apparently, both had a love marriage and Sunitha was 19 when she got married. She also has two children a boy and girl. Anyways, cut to the present, it is heard that Sunitha has parted ways with her hubby and sources say the marriage has been restricting her freedom and career hence the decision.

On the other hand, there was a talk that Sunitha was having an affair with a Member of Parliament. There was also another talk that she was into a serious relationship with one director and talk went till marriage also. Keeping the grapevine aside, the one thing officially being confirmed by her close…